More than ever — especially in today’s COVID-influenced climate — many marketers have been searching for new channels to diversify their marketing efforts with the goals of balancing scale with cost-efficiency and measurable results.

Many marketing teams have turned to traditional direct mail for their marketing objectives — which is experiencing a resurgence, further amplified by the pandemic — while savvy marketing teams have turned to Programmatic Direct Mail. 

Programmatic Direct Mail leverages consumers’ online intent data in order to deliver impactful direct mail that activates purchasing decisions. Many brands have used the Programmatic Direct Mail® platform to reach their performance goals across all stages of their customer lifecycle- from top-of-funnel to customer retention. 

Below we’ve compiled a list of five brands that have all uniquely incorporated Programmatic Direct Mail into their marketing mix to hit their ROI goals to help inspire your next direct mail marketing campaign. 

5 Companies That Used Programmatic Direct Mail in Different Ways and Saw Big Results

1. Parachute Promoted a Black Friday Sale

Parachute, a home essentials brand, offers premium bedding and bath basics designed for maximum comfort. After working with PebblePost for over a year to retarget their anonymous site visitors with PDM Retargeting and seeing great results, Parachute was eager to try out Lookalikes to focus on upper-funnel prospecting.

In order to drive awareness of their Black Friday sale in 2019 and drive conversions and customer acquisition, Parachute leveraged the PDM® Platform to identify high-value consumers that looked and acted like their best customers—using signals such as demographic and psychographic attributes as well as recent online behavior. 

Creative showcased popular product imagery alongside Black Friday-centric offers to encourage purchases over Cyber Weekend. The campaign’s main objective was to drive both efficient and incremental return on investment.

At the end of the campaign, Parachute was happy to see a 34% lift in conversion rate against the hold out control group.

2. Gov Ball Sold Concert Tickets

In 2018, the promotional team at Founders Entertainment wanted to generate ticket sales for Governors Ball, a three-day, multi-stage music festival in NYC. By using Programmatic Direct Mail as a complement to its other marketing channels, the team was able to connect with millennials and drive engagement during the height of the festival season.

Founders Entertainment generated a sizable amount of website visitors interested in attending the festival but needed a way to capitalize on this activity to drive conversions. So, they leveraged Programmatic Direct Mail to capitalize on their users’ real-time online intent and transform it into dynamically rendered, personalized direct mail. 

To improve efficiency, the PDM Platform only targeted consumers living in the tri-state area, and negatively targeted existing ticket holders who returned to the site for line-up announcements and transport details.

This was an effective strategy because 87% of millennials enjoy receiving direct mail, and PDM performance proved that to be true!  Using PebblePost’s Transaction Match solution to verify conversions across all points of sale, the campaign generated a 10.5x ROAS — crushing the objective by 2.5x.

3. ModCloth Converted Net-New Prospects with Lookalikes

ModCloth is an American online retailer of indie and vintage-inspired women’s clothing for the fashion-forward female who is looking to celebrate her unique sense of style with hand-drawn prints and clothes tailored to fit a variety of shapes and sizes.

Having experienced positive results from previous retargeting campaigns, ModCloth was eager to test Lookalikes, PebblePost’s latest PDM-powered product.

With an existing loyal community of frequent shoppers, ModCloth wanted to focus on customer acquisition to help boost brand recognition and convert net-new prospects into future loyal customers. 

Using advanced machine learning models that combined recent online behavior and offline demographic attributes, the PDM platform allowed Modcloth to reach a new audience of valuable shoppers at home with a high-quality piece of digitally-printed mail. The creative featured popular clothing as well as a promotion on consumers’ first purchase.

At the end of the campaign, ModCloth was thrilled to achieve a 1.4X return on ad spend (ROAS), which beat their campaign goal.

4. AAA Northeast Drove Membership Subscriptions

While DTC and Ecommerce-centric brands have seen great success with PebblePost, PDM is equally effective across other verticals. AAA Northeast (a federation of AAA) offers customers 24-hour emergency road service, as well as travel, insurance, and financial services across Rhode Island, parts of Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New Hampshire. 

With a wide range of customers — teens learning to drive, families, baby-boomers, Gen-Xers, and vehicle owners — AAA Northeast is a prime example of how PDM continued to drive effective results across a myriad of verticals and use cases. 

With a KPI of incremental return on investment, PebblePost activated PDM Retargeting to identify and mail AAA’s anonymous website visitors who were not yet customers.  The brand tested different creatives—one focused on driving Basic membership sign-ups, while the other focused on their Plus and Premier plans.

Leveraging the PDM platform, AAA Northeast was able to reach both audiences with a piece of high-quality mail arriving at home within 2–3 days of site activity. Creative showcased an offer to incentivize membership registrations. 

At the end of the campaign, AAA Northeast was happy to see a conversion rate of over 4% — surpassing its campaign goal of a 3% conversion rate — and a 23% lift in conversion rate.

5. CHOMPS Converted Trial Signups

CHOMPS, a family-owned business with the mission of making healthier eating more accessible, offers healthy, simple, and shelf-stable protein-packed snack alternatives with no hidden, harmful ingredients. 

Like many DTC brands in the snack-vertical, CHOMPS has expanded into retail locations but ultimately relies on digital channels to drive its e-Commerce business, focusing on new customer acquisition through trials and subscriptions. 

To help CHOMPS achieve its brand awareness and trial sign-up goals, PebblePost leveraged the PDM platform to identify and mail the highest-value consumers who had previously visited its website.

With a multi-pronged strategy, CHOMPS was able to test various creative messaging encouraging consumers to sign up to try CHOMPs, offering new customers a promotion on their first subscription, as well as reaching lapsed customers with a postcard within 2-3 days of their site activity. 

At the end of the campaign, CHOMPS was thrilled to achieve a 2.49X return on ad spend (ROAS) for their prospecting campaigns, and a $15 CPA which beat their campaign goals. 

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