Each month, we invite thought leaders and industry experts to join our PebblePost Fireside Chat series to provide insight, offer advice, and share overall marketing best practices. We recently sat down with Anthony Soohoo, Senior Vice President and Group General Manager of the Home Group at Walmart eCommerce, to discuss the latest marketing trends and current retail evolution.

Watch below for a few highlights from the event, hosted by PebblePost Chief Development Officer, Frank Barbieri.

All it Took was Hard Work, a Hard Drive, and Some ‘Sole’ Searching

Anthony brings us back to the beginning and explains how he first got started in the industry.

“Opportunities Multiply as They are Seized.” - Sun Tzu

At 19 years old, Anthony was offered an unprecedented opportunity. Find out how this, and subsequent experiences, helped to propel his career forward.

You Have to Embrace Failure to Achieve Success

We don’t talk enough about failure, but Anthony explains how the challenges you go through are just as important as the successes.

Startup Lessons Learned

Although there are differences working at large and small companies, many of the same principles still apply.  

Breaking it Down: A day in the Life

Anthony walks us through the day-to-day activities as SVP, Group General Manager, Home Group at Walmart eCommerce

An Industry Ripe for Disruption

Anthony reflects on the state of the industry and the rise of so many digitally-native brands.

A Prime Time for PebblePost

The changing landscape has impacted the marketing mix, and Anthony explains where PebblePost fits in.

Let’s Give Credit Where Credit’s Due: Tackling Attribution

Although brands are focusing on measurement and performance, Anthony offers insight into the ways marketers should be thinking about attribution.

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