On behalf of our entire PebblePost team, I hope this note finds you, your families, your teams and your business well in the current environment and with all of life’s changes so greatly impacting everyone one of us.

Over the last handful of weeks, we have been holding frequent meetings with our board, investors and advisors as we navigate through this global pandemic and extreme market downturn. We have collectively experienced versions of this before when the tech industry crashed in March 2000, again after 9/11, and again after the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Now we face the Covid-19 virus and its extreme economic and life-altering  impacts. Some things seem similar to prior experiences, some are definitely  uncharted territory.

We know there will be a period of consumers pulling back, where interest remains strong but confidence to spend will lag. We know that will be followed by a period of moderate spending. And eventually a return to normal — or a new normal — of spending. And we recognize that as this holds true for consumers, it also does for PebblePost and the brands using our Programmatic Direct Mail®. We are here to weather this storm with you through the cycle of retain, regrow, and acquire. 

As most of you know we have raised significant capital from world class funds and industry executives. We pioneered a significant portion of the new Digital To Direct Mail channel, one that we believe will grow into tens of billions in spend over time. We too are making adjustments to ensure our strength with you, now and in the future.

To that end, we see a number of ways to best support our brand partners. These include (1) providing insights on the markets, customers and prospects, (2) standardizing/automating as much as we can to increase the speed by which we can give you updated information, and (3) bringing the full suite of PDM® Platform products to your business to help, especially tuned for this tough climate.

As a further part of these adjustments, and in order to best serve our brands and partners, I am pleased to announce that Jacob Ross has transitioned to CEO. Jacob, an industry veteran, was hired as President a year ago, and has done an excellent job, having led organizations successfully through new phases of growth and innovation. Please join me in welcoming Jacob into this exciting role in the evolution of PebblePost!

I will be continuing in my role of Chairman full time, continuing to focus on key relationships, brand partner support, evangelism and thought leadership. We will be communicating to you regularly through this blog and other channels on further insights we are seeing in the market around brand and consumer behavior and trends. We will also be sharing more about the newly-announced products: Lookalikes and Graph Mail, and future innovations to the PDM platform as we move through the year.

Our mission for PebblePost was founded on four key pillars in marketing: Relevancy, Respect, Efficiency and Efficacy. We stand by them, and our commitment to helping you achieve your marketing goals now more than ever. 

This is a challenging and interesting time for all businesses, teams and families. We will be doing everything we can to make your business, teams and by way of that your families’ lives better. Thank you.


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