At PebblePost, we get many questions about the ins and outs of Programmatic Direct Mail®, such as its uses, the logistics of setting up a campaign, pricing, and more.

To help us answer your biggest questions, we’ve asked Melissa Tanzosh, VP of Product at PebblePost, to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything). Here are the top 10 questions we received:

1. I saw an ad that said PebblePost could match up to 70% of anonymous site visitors. How do you do that?

Great question! PebblePost identifies anonymous online site visitors’ household addresses using our proprietary Data Asset, the PebblePost Graph. The PebblePost Graph connects billions of real-time online intent signals with household addresses in a secure and privacy-compliant way.

Additionally, PebblePost also works with a selective number of best-in-class third-party data vendors to aid in address identification to supplement our proprietary Graph's matching. This allows us to match up to 70% of site visitors with a household address (which you saw in the ad) and send them relevant Programmatic Direct Mail within a few days of their site visit when they are still in the consideration window of making a purchase. 

2. Does PebblePost print and mail on-demand every day? 

Yes! PebblePost has created an integrated workflow that leverages a sophisticated print and logistics network to print and mail every day, seven days a week. Our daily, on-demand printing ensures that the mail reaches consumers quickly while offering brands the flexibility to adapt or change their creatives without lengthy lead times. Our CEO Jacob Ross talks at length about how we print and mail in this blog article.

3. As I explore new marketing channels, my boss has made it clear that one of the most important things to her is the ability to measure incremental lift. Does PebblePost measure incremental lift? 

Yes! PebblePost provides all of our brands with performance results, both topline performance and conversion rate lift, to prove the effectiveness of PDM®. We offer these performance results as a core component of our partnership because we believe incrementality is key to understanding how to attribute the performance of PDM against your ROI goals, allowing for more profitable cross-channel investment decisions. 

4. Is there a platform fee or service charge? What's your pricing structure?

Nope! PebblePost pricing works on a cost per piece basis, with all fees baked in. That includes postage, printing and logistics, creative proofing, data fees such as modeling, address identification and targeting, performance analysis, as well as a dedicated managed service team to consult you every step of the way. 

5. If I wanted to use multiple products at once, can you manage the frequency? 

From customer acquisition to customer retention and winbacks, all our products are built upon the PDM Platform, allowing us to manage frequency across products, objectives, and campaigns. This prevents duplicate mailings, is more cost-effective for brands, and ensures respectful communication to the consumer. We typically manage frequency to one mailpiece every thirty days per household, except for intentional sequential messaging or upsell objectives. 

6. How long does it take to set up and implement a campaign? 

You can get started with PebblePost as quickly as your team can support it! We take roughly 7–10 business days for onboarding, which includes QA of data sharing and JavaScript implementation on your site. Our team is ready to go and can collaborate with your internal teams to ensure we follow your specific policies. 

7. Can I segment my audiences based on customers and prospects? 

Of course! We segment audiences on an address-to-address basis to accurately target either existing customers or new prospects, rather than relying on an unreliable third-party cookie. We have very minimal leakage between audiences, which is proven within our performance results and is more cost-effective for brands. To accurately segment your audiences, we recommend securely passing PebblePost your customer file so that we can suppress it when only targeting prospects or reference it in customer-focused campaigns.

8. What type of creative formats and sizes do you offer? 

We offer 4x6, 5x7, and 6x9 postcards, single folds, and bi-folds with multiple coatings, as well as recycled paper options. Our most popular formats are gloss-coated postcards, as they are the most cost-effective and high performing, and the most resilient in the mail stream. 

9. I have a list of emails I'd like to target. Can you figure out where to mail them?

Yes! Many of our brands use the PDM Platform to reach their email subscribers with an additional touchpoint to maximize reach and campaign performance. To identify these consumers, we leverage our proprietary Graph and our select group of third-party data vendors to supplement to identify household addresses of your email subscribers. 

If you’d like to reach your email newsletter subscribers or customers for whom you only have emails, PDM Graph Mail would be a great fit!  Additionally, many digital-centric subscription brands activate PDM Retargeting to leverage our Graph to link online site visitors with their household address.

10. How do you measure performance, and what sort of results can I expect from a PDM campaign? 

Our typical pilot program is three months long to gather sufficient statistically significant data to measure KPIs and incremental lift. PebblePost provides both top-line performance results and lift by matching brand transactions to PebblePost mail sends on an address to address basis using our proprietary Transaction Match analysis process. 

We offer these performance results as a core component of our partnership to help prove how PDM fits into your overall marketing mix. 

As far as results, we see a 20%-40% conversion rate lift over holdout groups on average. These case studies can tell you more!  


Thank you to Melissa for taking the time to answer these questions! If you have any other questions about Programmatic Direct Mail or how you can add it to your marketing mix, reach out to us at hello@pebblepost.com or submit this contact form.

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