164 million Americans made New Year’s resolutions going into 2020. A new year is a fresh start—a chance to “start over” and reflect upon areas you want to improve upon, or an opportunity to achieve that long term goal. The hope that the next year will be better than the last is so impactful that 50% of Americans set New Years’ resolutions to exercise more, 49% to save money, and 43% to eat more healthily.

The opportunities and promise for a fresh start can drive big numbers for the health and wellness industry, as well as other categories tied to these popular resolutions.

As marketers shift gears from Black Friday and gear up for the New Year, there’s no better time to start a Programmatic Direct Mail® campaign to capture the increase in online intent and convert these New Year’s resolutioners.

Programmatic Direct Mail blends the best of both digital and direct mail—which you can use to convert your resolution-making consumers by using their recent online signals and intent and turn it into digitally enhanced direct mail.

Below we’ll walk you through how you can use Programmatic Direct Mail to capitalize on online behaviors to drive superior performance.

Using Programmatic Direct Mail to Capture New Years’ Resolutioners

New Year’s resolutions are impactful. Based on data from the PebblePost Graph, we’ve seen health and wellness brands experience an average 215% increase in performance and a 4x increase in traffic in January, which is when consumers are researching products and services to help them reach their new goals. 

Take advantage of this increase in intent and interest by sending consumers who have just visited your site a physical postcard to remind them of your service or offering. Tangible mail, especially when relevant to your interests, can act as a welcome reminder to hone in on your goals—and maybe even get hung on the refrigerator to stay top-of-mind through the holiday parties and into the new year. As our founder, Lewis Gersh, always used to say, “no one hangs a banner ad on the fridge and asks ‘honey is this the right one?’”

How Can You Do It?

November into early December is the perfect time to start crafting your New Year’s strategy, particularly for Health and Fitness, Financial Services, and Travel industries. Though “New Year, New Me” is notably different heading into 2021. 

As many consumers have been mostly at home with new challenges, they are also determined as ever to adopt new healthy eating habits, splurge on home exercise equipment, or reach their financial goals. 

Capitalize on the increased holiday traffic seen in November over Black Friday and Cyber Week by running a Programmatic Direct Mail Program from December through Q1 to help reach your performance goals. 

Whether your campaign objectives are to winback lapsed customers, remind your current customers of a promotion, or acquire new customers, you can select a Programmatic Direct Mail product that best meets your needs.

Activate Retargeting to reach those recent website visitors that visited over Cyber Week and didn’t purchase. Or, leverage the billions of online events amassed over the holidays within the PebblePost Graph to acquire new customers by running Lookalikes to identify the most valuable prospects that are ready to hone in on their New Year’s resolutions. 

Are you aiming to reach your customers’ mailboxes the first week of January? Leverage Graph Mail to reach any subset of your CRM audience, and the PDM Platform to print-on-demand and first-class postage to get in-home within 2–3 days. 

Even if your brand typically doesn’t see these spikes around the New Year, fret not. These strategies can be used across all verticals at any time. 

In Conclusion

New Year’s resolutioners are a valuable audience to reach with a scalable, purposeful programmatic direct mail campaign. The PDM Platform provides a seamless way to reach consumers by integrating real-time online intent data with impactful direct mail. 

To learn more about Programmatic Direct Mail or PebblePost and how it can complement your marketing efforts, please reach out to us at hello@pebblepost.com. Happy New Year!

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