“Is advertising diversification still needed?"

Earlier this week we hosted a panel as part of CommerceNext’s Virtual Summit where Melissa Tanzosh, PebblePost’s VP of Product, and some great minds from hims & hers, Rothy’s, and 2PM discussed this very question. The answer? An equivocal “Yes”. While diversification is always important, it’s particularly important now during this pandemic era so that marketers can adapt and evolve their marketing strategies alongside shifting consumer behaviors. 

The panel, moderated by Farzana Nasser of Chameleon Collective, was an informative 25-minute session part of CommerceNext’s Virtual Summit. Topics discussed ranged from:

  • How do marketers diversify their marketing mix and balance scaling tried and true channels with investing in new channels? Panelists shared that diversifying is necessary, and it requires a lot of testing and applying different metrics of success based on channel and company stage.
  • How do you diversify? What things have you tested? Panelists shared different methods ranging from podcast ads to connected TV and direct mail.
  • How role does direct mail play in the marketing mix? Panelists shared that direct mail offers a different touchpoint to reach consumers, particularly while at home where decisions are made.

Panelists also shared how they have added various channels to their marketing mix, and are continuing to adapt their marketing strategies in the ongoing world of COVID and shifting shopper behaviors. When discussing testing other innovative channels, Matt Gehring, SVP Growth Marketing at Rothy’s, mentioned using direct mail to meet new customers and to drive incrementality. 

Check back here to see a recording of this panel, as well as others!

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