In April, we examined consumer behavior to determine which categories saw increases in online activity as brick and mortar stores were closed. Now that stores are beginning to re-open in some areas of the country, are those same categories still seeing spikes in online activity? 

Leveraging data from the PebblePost Graph, our proprietary data asset, we analyzed how consumer behavior has changed over the last few months. Is e-commerce still a hit with consumers? Are consumers still renovating their homes and re-decorating? We answer those questions and more with the below data, which compares the statistics we reported in April to activity from March–June. 

Food and Delivery Services Continue to See the Biggest Spike 

Food and delivery services continue to see big spikes in activity with a 101% increase in traffic, compared to 77% in the first month of shelter-in-place. A big driver of this was from the Beer/Alcohol/Wine category. 

Consumer packaged goods saw a 60% increase in traffic, up from 49% in April. Healthy, shelf-stable snacks are still in high demand! 

Apparel is a Mixed Bag 

Apparel, shoes, and accessories saw steady activity increases across the board at 20%, though not as high as the initial spike in April, which was largely driven from the “Comfy Basics” category outfitting consumers’ “work from home attire.” However, activity within the last three months in this category has been highly variant between brands. An important callout is that the brands that saw the biggest increases in activity seemed to have one main thing in common—they had formed strong e-commerce presences prior to the pandemic and continued to focus on that, versus relying heavily on brick and mortar stores.

Americans are Still Giving Back

The Charitable Giving and Nonprofits category continues to see an increase in traffic of 42% as Americans continue to give back in any way they can.

Spring Cleaning + Shelter-in-Place = Home Makeovers

With time at home being extended, the Home Goods and Furniture category unsurprisingly continues to see large spikes in activity with a 61% increase—double what we saw in April. 

Are Home Workouts Here to Stay?

Health, Fitness, and Sporting Goods saw a dramatic increase of 75% in traffic—3x higher than April—as consumers focus on their health and well-being. Home workout equipment and services continues to be the biggest driver in this category.

Downward Trends Continue for the Travel Industry

Unsurprisingly, Financial Services, Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality continue to see declines in online activity as many states haven’t fully re-opened, travel to other countries isn’t permitted, and the pandemic is still on-going. 

As the country continues to re-open, we’ll continue to monitor these trends and share our insights. 

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