Happy Father's Day to all the great Dads out there! Many of us wouldn't be where we are today without our awesome Dads. So for fun, we asked a few PebblePost patriarchs to explain what they think we do for a living. Here are some of their enlightening answers. Get ready... Today, we're giving you digital with a whole lot of feelings.


Scoot Crandall, father of Senior Account Strategist, Brady Crandall

"Your job is to make sure that when people are surfing the Internet looking to buy something and put something in their shopping cart, you send them a cool postcard with a sweet deal, locking in the sale."


Bill Goldberg, father of Senior Director of Sales, Jacquelyn Goldberg

"My daughter Jacquelyn is a senior business development executive with PebblePost. She primarily initiates new and nurtures existing relationships with senior marketing decision makers of companies who have significant online presence.

While representing a solution like PebblePost makes business development success easier, I have witnessed for many years, my daughter Jacquelyn’s rare ability to quickly understand customer issues, build trust at senior decision maker levels, and actually close deals at a rate that has been remarkable. New business success is hard; she has always made it seem easy. Yes, I am biased but for provable reasons. My daughter JB has always been a rock star."


Nelson Simon, father of VP Sales West, Sean Simon

"With Father’s Day approaching, a parent reflects on what his child does for a living. When it comes to Sean he is the kind of person who is always looking for the next big thing and how he could be part of it. His curiosity in advertising and what he could do better to get to the right markets. His energy and ability to search and find that next new way and to find the right company to get him to his goals has always been fascinating to me. He will search until he has the right people to help him charge up that hill to build that next big thing.

Being proud of him goes beyond words and I believe all these things make him a great father as well."


Howard Jaffe, father of Creative Director, Jessica Jaffe

"Well you prepare graphic presentations that your company uses for marketing. And you prepare other avenues of marketing... giveaways and 3-dimensional representations for use at events.

[When asked what my company does...]

That I don't know. I just know your function. What do you do?"


Tom Gibbons Sr., father of VP Product Experience, Tom Gibbons Jr.

"Mom and I discuss this a lot and we are really not sure exactly or specifically what you do.”


Bob Rogers, father of Senior Marketing Manager, Katie Rogers

"Katie sits around all day thinking of pithy puns for a company that is involved in some type of digital advertising that somehow involves mail..."


Raymond Wong, father of VP Customer Success, Elke Wong

"I think you send mail when someone goes to a website. How funny. I worked for 30 years at the Post Office as a mailman so you can do the same thing, but smarter."


Dr. Anthony Giampetro, father of VP Marketing, Celeste Giampetro

"I don’t know what you do. No idea. I really don’t. I know you edit things. But that’s about as far as it goes.

[I explained what I do at this point.]

Your job is a strange job. It's not like you're a streetcar operator or an electrician, which is easier to remember."

Thanks for everything, Dads! We love you.  

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