Parachute, a home essentials brand, offers premium bedding and bath basics designed for maximum comfort. Parachute is committed to creating a better customer experience in the home, from both a product and a marketing perspective. 

Similar to other direct-to-consumer brands, Parachute requires a strong marketing strategy to support, enhance, and accelerate the buyer’s journey. Parachute has been a partner of PebblePost since 2016 and saw high-performance results with Retargeting. Eager to leverage Lookalikes to focus on pure prospecting, Parachute leveraged PDM to drive awareness of their Black Friday sale in 2019 and drive conversions amongst new prospects. 

“As a long time partner of PebblePost, we are thrilled to see this product expansion. Prospecting is a key initiative for us this year and given the strong initial performance we have seen with this Lookalike solution, we anticipate doing more of these campaigns with PebblePost to help us achieve our goals,” said Michelle Smith, Senior Manager of Direct Marketing, Parachute.”


To help Parachute achieve its customer acquisition goal, PebblePost identified new prospects by combining proprietary online and offline data into advanced optimization models. This audience was selectively chosen based on their propensity to convert, leveraging signals such as their demographic and psychographic attributes as well as their recent online behavior, and then mailed a piece of high-quality mail just in time for Black Friday.

Creative showcased popular product imagery alongside Black Friday-centric offers to encourage purchases over Cyber Weekend. The campaign’s main objective was to drive both efficient and incremental return on investment.

Parachute's Black Friday Offer


At the end of the campaign, Parachute was happy to see a 34% lift in conversion rate against the hold out control group.

PebblePost’s ability to confidently measure incrementality throughout the campaign provided the team the confidence to continue investing in PebblePost and the PDM® platform in subsequent campaigns.

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