holiday season

We’ve reached September, and holiday advertising messaging is already approaching! Each year it seems like holiday planning approaches earlier and earlier—for example, Pumpkin Spice Lattes re-emerged in August. 

Many companies rely on the holiday season—especially Black Friday and Christmas—to drive their bottom line. With so many digital marketing strategies focused on those two holidays and saturation at an all-time high, how can you ensure your ads are being seen and resonating with consumers? And with efficiency and effectiveness as critical as ever, how can you maximize your spend and activate purchasing decisions? With Programmatic Direct Mail®.

Traditional direct mail is a proven marketing tactic to drive consumer engagement with a history of strong response rates and is effective at reaching consumers at home—where 88% of purchase decisions are made. However, traditional direct mail can be difficult to execute, generally requires long lead times, and doesn’t harness the power of recent, digital behavior. 

Enter Programmatic Direct Mail, which blends the best of both digital and direct mail, by using recent online signals to enhance direct mail and drive superior performance for marketers. Leveraging the PebblePost Graph, machine learning algorithms, and an automated mail and logistics platform, the PDM® platform offers brands a seamless way to activate direct mail and reach their most ideal consumers across all stages of the customer lifecycle.  

This Holiday Season Get Creative with Your Outreach!

There are many opportunities to reach consumers around the holidays other than Black Friday and Christmas. Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday (or week!), Hanukkah, and New Year’s provide ways to reach customers and drive revenue.

Below are some suggestions on how to activate digitally-enhanced direct mail during three less-frequently advertised holidays and drive more sales.

Cyber Monday

Use Programmatic Direct Mail to promote your Cyber Monday sale for prospects, existing customers, and lapsed customers across all points of sale—whether it be online or in-store (where/when possible). We find that site-wide sales or unique promo codes work best and holiday-centric messaging should start 4–6 weeks before the big day.

Capitalize on the increased traffic to your site over the holiday months by leveraging online intent data to reach anonymous site visitors with a piece of physical mail to entice them to come back for Cyber Monday.

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is often overlooked and is just as important as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In 2019, consumers spent an estimated $19.6 billion on Small Business Saturday, including eCommerce sales totaling over $3 billion.

Since its inception in 2010, Small Business Saturday has extended beyond the “Mom and Pops” localized brick and mortar stores, to digitally-native and direct to consumer eCommerce brands with a values-driven purpose and a mission to improve consumers every day. With consumers more interested in brands’ practices, their mission, and wanting to support both their communities as well as brands they care about, Programmatic Direct Mail can help you promote your Small Business Saturday sales to prospects and existing customers.

Similarly to Cyber Monday, capitalize on the increased traffic to your site on Small Business Saturday with a piece of physical mail to lure customers to return post-Thanksgiving weekend.

New Year’s

Keep in mind that consumer behaviors are constantly evolving. Are you a health and wellness brand? Run your campaigns later in the season to catch customers ready to hone in on their New Year’s resolutions.

50% of Americans set New Years’ resolutions to exercise more, 49% to save money, and 43% to eat more healthily. Additionally, we’ve seen that Health and Wellness brands typically experience an average 215% increase in performance and a 4x increase in traffic in January. 

Take advantage of this increase in intent and interest by sending customers who have just visited your site a physical postcard to remind them of your service or offering. Postcards, especially when relevant to your interests, are typically a welcome reminder to hone in your goals—and maybe even get hung on the refrigerator to stay top-of-mind through the holiday parties and into resolution-making time. As our founder Lewis Gersh always used to say, “no one hangs a banner ad on the fridge as a reminder or to ask ‘honey should we buy this?’”

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