Most marketers send physical mail – coupons, catalogs, and contraptions – aimed at getting new customers to take notice of a brand or offer.


But study after study has shown that marketers can drive better profits and greater revenue by engaging or reengaging with customers who have already declared with their wallet, or at least their email address, that they are interested in products from a particular company.

Two of our customers with niche focus have shown evidence of this impact: Keepsake Quilting and Bombas Socks. Keepsake is a very successful crafts catalog based in New Hampshire, and Bombas is a rising star of the ecommerce world, which you may also see on the shelves of your local Gap store. They both recently completed case studies with PebblePost in which both companies saw some pretty remarkable results.

PebblePost Delivered “Socks Appeal” to Bombas Loyalists

When two new brands meet to test their entrepreneurial endeavors on each other, great things happen. Bombas socks is leading a few trends – they were founded on a similar concept to TOMs and Warby Parker in that they give a pair of socks to the homeless for each pair bought.


They crowdfunded the business on Indiegogo, appeared on Shark Tank and they are doing a brand partnership with Gap to get their products into stores.

This is good company for PebblePost to keep, since Bombas is also using us to re-engage customers who have come to the website, with a postcard that offers them a discount if they return to the site to purchase another pair of socks. Already, Bombas has witnessed a 6x increase in return visitors to their site versus what they were seeing from their email efforts, and their conversion from return visitors was trending to over 50% – truly remarkable for a brand that started as a digital-only ecommerce company

PebblePost Crafted a High Return Rate For Keepsake Quilting

Another example of appealing to return visitors comes from a completely different type of company. Keepsake Quilting, a division of F+W, started as a mom & pop crafts store in New Hampshire.


They still get a lot of tourist traffic to the store, but their catalog and email has traditionally been the way they reconnected with the customers who had visited in the past.

When they gave PebblePost a try, they experienced some remarkable impact on their business. Where catalogs drop infrequently, sending a card to an actively engaged customers turned out to be a great way to communicate between those larger mailings. Not only did they see a high return rate from mail recipients – more than half of whom converted – they did so with a greater than 5x return on spend and increased the value of orders placed by those mailed by 18%. In short, more return visitors, greater conversion, higher average orders, and higher ROI. That’s a keepsake worth remembering.

Retention is Powerful and Profitable

For both of these customers, the goal of retention marketing efforts is clear. If you know your customer well. They just need a simple, tangible reminder to go back and buy more.

Contact us at hello@pebblepost.com or (855) 737-0730 for the details behind these and other case studies.

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