Tell us a little bit about your background and some career highlights.

My Career has centered in Digital Ad tech, focused on building out Product Teams from the ground up, and innovating and evolving Product lines as the industry and businesses have evolved. My career began in Mobile (I started in SMS, and then to mobile display as the iphone evolved and capabilities expanded) and on the client services side, working directly with brands and agencies. I organically moved over to Product as I realized I was naturally identifying gaps in the industry, and building solutions to solve advertisers' needs, and loved doing it! I loved innovating, and building, and then working with customers to figure out how to make those solutions work for them. I believe I am a better Product person today because I innately understood what brands and advertisers were looking for, and how they viewed their solution stacks as a way to solve their needs.

What drew you to PebblePost?

PebblePost pioneered its own channel - PDM- and I felt the innovation potential was endless. As a digital enthusiast, I felt I had really "Capped out" on innovation - PebblePost had so much room to grow, evolve and expand, and that was so exciting to me! Once I started learning more about the product, and seeing the noticeable impact it was having on marketers' bottom line, the results spoke for themselves. It's hard to prove ROAS and direct impact on the customer lifecycle with digital. With PDM, the results were tangible, and they were so good, I was floored! After two years, and expanding PDM to three product lines, I can confidently say I still feel the same way - innovation continues, and the results are still astounding!

What are two or three key things you want a marketer to know about Programmatic Direct Mail (R)?

I think one big misconception we receive from digital marketers is that direct mail is antiquated, difficult to manage, and that brands can solve all their marketing challenges with digital. While digital and email is powerful and has its place in the customer lifecycle, PDM allows brands to reach their consumers directly in a totally different way, one that is not cluttered, or filled with noise, and most importantly is incremental and complementary to their existing strategies.

You have been tirelessly working on building new products over the last couple of months. Given the impact of the coronavirus on our industry, how do you think these products will help marketers?

That's a question I think we are all trying to find the answer to - there is no playbook or anything to refer to during these unprecedented times. But what I do know is that PDM is a great way for brands to continue communicating with their consumers where they are right now - at home - in a way that is respectful, and allows them to take action on their own terms. Since things are changing so quickly, brands need flexibility, so we have built all our products -whether for customer retention or acquisition-  to build models and send mail within 24 hours. Flexibility is critical during these times as we all assess what's going on, and adapt our communication strategies to ever-changing guidelines. We've also seen that our new Products, such as Graph Mail, can be extremely impactful for brands during this time to reach their existing customers and subscribers, at home with messaging that resonates.

What is your favorite part about working at PebblePost?

The opportunities to expand and grow our channel are infinite. I love coming to work every day to solve real challenges, brands are facing, and being part of a team building something so tangible, unique, and impactful. So while the innovation potential keeps me engaged day in day and out, it's the people that make me love showing up every day. We are all united with a common goal, and everyone genuinely believes in our Products- from Sales down to Engineering - and that's so cool to be a part of!

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