Tell us a little bit about yourself

Big Virginia and Connecticut upbringing.  While I have a love for singing and playing guitar and piano, I just so happened to stumble into the adtech world.  Once I completed grad school, I started as the receptionist at another notable company called Outbrain.  I quickly realized I had a huge fascination for technology and how it was impacting the world of advertising.  I spent 5 years at Outbrain, which helped launch my career.  I was lucky enough to have some old Outbrain coworkers here at PebblePost, which helped push me even further in my career today.  Outside of my love for music and adtech, I love traveling and taking spontaneous trips.  I love dining out (probably too much) and the New York Giants.

What is your favorite part about working at PebblePost?

Being able to sell a product to brands that actually works.  The amount of engineering and time that PebblePost puts into building a solid and necessary product truly impressed me when I first started working here.  We have the ability to build real relationships with our brand partners because we're transparent about the product and how we're delivering results.  My coworkers aren't so bad either ;)

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think about PebblePost?


If you could be quarantined with three historical figures who would they be?

Ella Fitzgerald, Anthony Bourdain and John Lennon.  Great music, food and culture to put you at ease no matter how you're feeling.

What is the first thing that you're looking forward to doing once we can get out and about freely again?

Dining at my favorite restaurants in NYC and TRAVEL! I sincerely miss going out to eat and having the opportunity to explore the world.  We forget those simple luxuries are a privilege and I can't wait to get back out there!

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