Tell us a little bit about your background, career highlights.

I started my career in performance marketing back in 2007 via the affiliate world. A few highlights since then include:  I opened and ran an international office out of London for two years, was part of Criteo before and through its IPO, was a part of a TapCommerce acquisition by Twitter, and I traveled the world covering South America and Asia for Twitter's retargeting products.

What drew you to PebblePost? 

More than anything was the simplistic beauty of direct mail retargeting. It was one of those, "why didn't I think of that?" moments where you intrinsically understand the value from both a consumer and marketer perspective. Once I met Lewis and he walked me through the vision of the company, I was even more excited. It's not often that you have an opportunity to be part of a company with such a grandiose long term vision...and all of it makes perfect sense. None of it seemed impossible and yet all of it seemed game changing. Such a rare combination, I had to jump at the opportunity to be a part of something special like PebblePost. 

What are two or three key things you want a marketer to know about Programmatic Direct Mail (R)? 

We're in the business of helping brands more effectively and respectfully communicate with their consumer base. Simple as that. To me, especially in today's climate, this is the biggest challenge  marketers face. There is an abundance of good technology out there that does a bunch of interesting things, but to couple good tech with effective, respectful and relevant communication is truly unique.  

What is a misconception that you often hear about PDM?

That we're sending junk mail. It's so far from the truth. And our performance proves it. 

PebblePost has been tirelessly working on building new products over the last couple of months. Given the impact of the coronavirus on our industry, how do you think these products will help marketers? 

I've found that there are two schools of thought marketers take during a crisis: focus on your best converting audiences or focus on your worst converting audiences. I think the right approach is probably a little of both. Fortunately, PebblePost now offers brands the ability to market to consumers during every part of the customer lifecycle. They can leverage our Lookalikes product for prospecting the top of the funnel, our Retargeting product to convert consumers that have expressed interest by coming to the website but didn't yet convert and finally Graph Mail for being able to quickly and efficiently mail to a particular audience segment. All of our products allow marketers to move quickly and to communicate effectively where their consumers are spending most of their time these days, at home. 

What is your favorite part about working at PebblePost?

It's two fold: the people and the product. I love our team - they're passionate, hard working, savvy, and fun. I have developed such strong friendships over the last three years and have enjoyed coming to work every single day. The product is the other. It's fascinating to be on the front lines of such a revolutionary platform that is getting better every day and that is helping brands reach their marketing and communication goals. 

If you had to be quarantined with three historical figures, who would they be and why?

  • Jerry Garcia - for the music and the stories. And to learn. 
  • Thomas Jefferson - for the historical lessons and the intellect. And to learn.
  • Steve Jobs - for the business guidance and creativity. And to learn. 

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