NEW YORK – October 12, 2016 PebblePost, the inventor of Programmatic Direct Mail®, today announced the launch of the world’s first Programmatic Catalog™. The catalog embodies real-time online interest and intent activity transformed into dynamically rendered, personalized mail pieces, delivered into a postal hub within 12-24 hours every day. Real-time analytics track response and conversion from the Programmatic Catalog™, which enables a marketer to optimize every day’s activity for tomorrow’s in-home media.

The Programmatic Catalog® is created from real-time behavioral data (browsing, keyword search, cart abandonment, etc.) combined with page-level information (e.g., product, content) and a marketer’s campaign rules (audience tagging, A/B testing, geo targeting, etc.). Because the catalog is initiated by online activity, a return visit can be matched and provides real-time analytics on daily response and conversion data for continuous optimization. This data-driven decisioning with high-levels of automation continually enhances efficiency and efficacy of a marketer’s goals.

“Since we’ve been with PebblePost, we’ve seen a significant increase in response and conversion rates. Their platform helps us strengthen the relationships with our customers by offering a personalized experience. We’re excited to be one of the first to use a Programmatic Catalog™ as it offers an additional route to target our customers – helping us in our mission to make shopping for bulk easy, convenient and fun,” said Nitasha Mehta, Associate Director, Reengagement Marketing, Boxed.

"Creativity and individuality are core components of our brand and in many ways a Programmatic Catalog™ is an extension of those ideals. Much like our products, the new catalogs will allow us to connect with our customers through creative, tailored design, especially as we plan for the holidays,” said Brian Hashemi, Director of Marketing, UncommonGoods.

Delivered via First-Class Mail™, this brand-new mail piece brings real-time interest and intent data to the world of in-home physical media, combining content and commerce in one personalized package that consumers can hold in their hands. Each piece is laser-printed and 4x6 in size, with a minimum of eight dynamic and/or fixed pages. Customization options include the ability to add editorial content, tagged promos, and targeted merchandise images, among many others.

“As we approach the busy holiday shopping season, we're always looking for new ways to engage with our community and help them find their unique style. The Programmatic Catalog™ is a great way to help our customers find the perfect gift for their friends and families, and festive clothing and accessories for their holiday events,” said Margaret Parra, Director of Acquisition, ModCloth.

"Keeping mail vibrant in the digital age is a key goal of the US Postal Service. We are always looking for people and companies committed to a robust advertising marketplace. The Postal Service believes in the future of direct mail, and we applaud and support innovations that make direct mail more personal, delivering the right message to the right person at the right time," said Jim Cochrane, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer and Executive Vice President, for the United States Postal Service.

“Programmatic Direct Mail® solves several of the biggest problems in digital and direct mail. It’s fraud-free, 100% viewable, and most importantly respectful of the consumer experience as opposed to the often-disruptive nature of digital,” says Lewis Gersh, CEO of PebblePost. “The result is high brand impact that behaves like cash-flow positive response.” The announcement comes as Gersh prepares to accept an Innovation Award at The DMA’s “&Then” event in Los Angeles.

As marketers experience diminishing returns with digital advertising, Programmatic Direct Mail® offers an opportunity to leverage the data intelligence already at their disposal to engage existing customers, email subscribers and website prospects in a relevant and respectful way. Brands including Boxed, Uncommon Goods and ModCloth are among the first of PebblePost’s 100s of marketer partners to expand their campaigns to Programmatic Catalog™ in time for the busy holiday shopping season.

“PebblePost has pioneered the first new marketing channel since search and social — that’s what brands are telling us. This new level of engagement and personalization for marketers is truly differentiated and leading edge. The rocket ship is packed,” said John Elton, partner at Greycroft Partners.

On Sunday, October 16, Gersh will take the stage at the DMA “&Then” conference to receive the Innovation Award for Omnichannel Campaign Management and Marketing Automation. The PebblePost platform is being recognized as a solution for audience engagement, activation and loyalty. The Innovation Award is given to companies that further support both one-way and two-way communications with consumers and business contacts, leveraging cross-device recognition and reach across all channels including POS, email, direct mail, search, display, video, mobile, radio, TV and IoT.

For more information about PebblePost, please visit, PebblePost.com.

About PebblePost®
PebblePost invented Programmatic Direct Mail® to transform real-time online activity into personalized, dynamically rendered direct mail that's delivered into postal hubs within 12-24 hours, every day. The company's patent pending digital-to-direct mail platform integrates segmentation, campaign management, production, analytics and optimization. PebblePost combines the power of intent data with the effectiveness of in-home to achieve far higher response, conversion rates and ROAS. PebblePost® is a venture-backed company based in NYC.

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