NEW YORK -- (Marketwired - June 6, 2017) -- PebblePost®, the inventor of Programmatic Direct Mail®, today announced the appointment of David Peterson as Chief Technology Officer.

Peterson will report directly to PebblePost Chief Executive Officer Lewis Gersh in the company’s New York headquarters. His scope of responsibilities include scaling the engineering team and platform architecture, building on the company’s data and machine learning capabilities, and further optimizing delivery and performance of brand campaigns.

“In terms of track record, Dave hits all the boxes. He’s a proven innovator in technology and agile process that drives revenue growth,” said Gersh. “In addition, Dave brings great integrity, focus, and decisiveness to accelerate our technology roadmap and extend the tangible impact of Programmatic Direct Mail® around the globe.”

Peterson brings more than 15 years of advertising industry experience in leadership and technology. Previously, he served as senior vice president of technology at Rubicon Project, where he assisted on acquisitions and led the buyer technology team in building its bidding platform. Prior to Rubicon Project, Dave was CTO at PulsePoint, where he built the SSP RTB seller exchange; contextual categorization classifier; and DSP RTB buyer transacting, workflow and optimization technologies. Before that, he was CTO at Unicast, where he architected the company’s video commercial, video tracker, video portal and other rich media technologies. His extensive experience also includes roles as CTO and Co-Founder of Nimble TV and Vice President of Engineering at x+1.

"PebblePost has a head start in the marketplace and I look forward to continuing the momentum already generated as marketers see unprecedented tangible results,” said Peterson. “Programmatic Direct Mail® will provide even more opportunities for increasing the scale and precision of tracking associated transactions and conversions across digital and physical touchpoints. There’s really no other solution that links online activity to in-home impact to physical retail purchase.”

For more information about PebblePost, please visit pebblepost.com.

About PebblePost®
PebblePost invented Programmatic Direct Mail® to transform real-time online activity into personalized, dynamically rendered direct mail that's delivered into postal hubs within 12-24 hours, every day. The company's patent pending digital-to-direct mail platform integrates segmentation, campaign management, production, analytics and optimization. PebblePost combines the power of intent data with the effectiveness of in-home media to achieve far higher response, conversion rates and ROAS. PebblePost® is a venture-backed company based in NYC.

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