What is in store for performance marketing in 2016? Between methods to deal with ad blockers, mobile app advertising during the Super Bowl, and the steady rise of account-based marketing, some great predictions can be found here at PerformanceIN.

If you want to know what we at PebblePost expect 2016 to bring, here are the tidbits we added:

from Lewis Gersh, CEO

Next year marketers will begin to realize that the data they sit on has not been used effectively. Whether it's website data or customer purchase history, this information will start to become actionable in ways that are not overt, but help guide and drive customers through their journey.

They have been tracking how many people sit for the whole marketing breakfast, but still don't know who wants their eggs over easy and who wants oatmeal. What they need to do in 2016 is find out what appeals to each person, anticipate what they need, and personalize the offering without being obvious about it. The concept and desire have been there - intent data and marketing automation will make it a reality in 2016.

from David Cooperstein, Interim CMO

The challenge of 2016 is going to be the rationalisation of marketing tech. With all of the tools and toys that marketers have had to play with, the desire to have the "cool" ones consolidate into a few connected offerings is going to be high on the wish list for marketers at companies both big and small.

Adobe, Salesforce, and Oracle will consolidate a number of the strongest enterprise platforms, and Google and others will help smaller companies make the most of software that supports all aspects of marketing and sales.

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