PebblePost stands in solidarity with the Black community against violence, intolerance, and prejudice. We also acknowledge that we are nowhere near where we need to be, and we have work to do.

In the immediate term, we are providing free campaigns via our platform to a select group of nonprofits focused on addressing racism, the need for police reform, and other issues that have significantly and chronically affected the Black community.

We are also overhauling our company policies and creating programs to support a more diverse and inclusive environment, from recruiting, employee development and the overall employee experience, to outreach, to our core values and principles that shape the kind company we want to be.

We know policies are not enough on their own, and that we can only ensure permanent, positive change through personal responsibility that starts from the top, with myself and the leadership team.

We are committed to following through on the above as a start, and being part of the solution in the short and long term.


Jacob Ross
CEO, PebblePost

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