This is a great moment in our company’s history. As most of you know, PebblePost recently secured $15 million in Series B funding. We’re extremely grateful for this vote of confidence from RRE Ventures, which led the round, from Greycroft, Tribeca Venture Partners and additional seed funds and strategic angels who share our vision with 100% pro-rata participation.

And, it goes without saying how indebted we are to our many marketing partners who have trusted us with their brands. We cherish these partnerships and are committed to brand excellence and innovation to deliver exceptional value every day. We are excited to bring good marketing home.

To that end, today we unveiled our new mission statement, tagline and corporate values.

Our Mission Statement and Tagline

To create commerce that empowers marketers to change their digital ways for tangible good. We make it easy and desirable for consumers to engage with advertising at home and act on it.

PebblePost: Digital, now with feeling

What It Means

Really, our mission statement comes down to stating the obvious. Digital marketing is broken. PebblePost’s Programmatic Direct Mail® was created to tackle all of the ills of digital from both sides of the table — digital marketers and consumers — to create a new and better channel that fosters respectful conversations and, of course, commerce.

Still, there’s a lot to unpack in a phrase like “To create commerce that empowers marketers to change their digital ways for tangible good.” Start with the word create. Too much digital marketing consists of regurgitation rather then creation. That’s obvious in the word retargeting, with that re- prefix. And then there’s the –targeting part. It suggests consumer as prey, to be hunted down against their will. And unfortunately, that’s how the consumer often feels. The lack of respect for the consumer, and the disruption of the user experience, is the single biggest problem with digital marketing today.

Marketers are consumers too — although it’s easy to forget. So are we. That’s where “empowers marketers to change their digital ways” comes in. With Programmatic Direct Mail®, we solve the problem of disrespect and disruption. Yes, we use programmatic decisioning to match consumer intent with brand messages. The difference is that the consumer receives a piece of actual mail — as opposed to an ephemeral, intrusive message — that they can hold in their hands and save for a time that suits their interests, not the marketer’s. It’s a tangibly different, surprising and better experience, in other words. And the results we deliver for marketers are not just tangible but also measurably off the charts.

By allowing consumers to sort mail in their own homes, on their own schedules, using their own systems (his stuff always goes on the kitchen counter, hers on the desk in the office), PebblePost establishes a mutually beneficial dialog between consumers and brands. It is transactional media in its most fundamental — and most successful — form.

Our Corporate Values

If a mission statement is our Constitution, our enumerated corporate values are our Bill of Rights. They govern not only how we interact with one another here at PebblePost, but also at every touchpoint with our marketing partners, vendors, investors and consultants. We’re sharing them to keep us honest and accountable. Here they are:

  • All for one, one for all. We work and play well with others, regardless of circumstance, seniority or swim lane.
  • Respect is a right, not a privilege. We are open and empathic to differences of opinion, experience and culture. We create an inclusive and diverse environment for our people and our products.
  • Enthusiasm is infectious. We are passionate about making a tangible difference for marketers — and consumers. And it shows in everything we touch.
  • Is it a bug or a feature? We see opportunities in curveballs and aren’t afraid to break things for the greater good. Problems are possibilities in disguise.

My sincerest hope is that no one will have any doubt as to why we exist and who we serve. I’m happy to chat more and answer any questions. And, as always, watch this space for more innovation to come on behalf of marketers and, of course, consumers.

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