IAB | Direct Brands: Media & Customer Acquisition Report

As the direct brand economy evolves, DTC brands are investing their marketing dollars beyond social platform advertising. Discover how, why, and what they are testing and adopting; which objectives are paired to each platform/channel; and how disruptor brands’ strategies are including hybrid channels, such as digital to direct mail, to acquire more customers with higher Lifetime Value.

ey Takeaways:

  • Brands report that digital performance plateaus faster than offline
  • Direct mail is one of two most instrumental channels that deliver 
    customers with high Lifetime Value
  • DTC brands are more likely to leverage direct mail over any other 
    offline paid media channel
  • DTC brands cited direct mail as the offline channel that provides 
    an acceptable Cost per Customer Acquisition (CAC)
  • 55% of DTC Brands have included offline media in their 
    attribution model
  • 36% of brands who are not using offline media reported they 
    will consider using digital to direct mail in the future