Reconnect with the right person at the right time, in a highly relevant and respectful way.

PebblePost® is the leading digital-to-direct mail marketing platform. We capture online interest and intent data to send relevant direct mail that activates buying decisions at home and drives conversions everywhere.
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How it works

Capture online intent data

Everyday, brands receive thousands of visits to their website. These visitors leave behind a treasure chest full of intent signals.

Optimization algorithm

The PebblePost Programmatic Direct Mail® Platform uses data science and machine learning to select recipients from the brand’s site that have shown the highest propensity to convert.

Address mapping

PebblePost leverages a combination of proven third and first party data sources to securely match website activity to a household address. Powered by our Proprietary ID Graph and Optimization Algorithm, these connections are continually enhanced for reach and precision.

Send relevant mail

When it’s determined that your site visitors are likely to be influenced by Programmatic Direct Mail, a Programmatic Postcard® or Programmatic Catalog® is dynamically created and sent to continue the conversation at-home. Consumers can then take action on their terms and at their convenience, across the purchase channel of their choice.

Programmatic Postcard
Focus your audience on a clear CTA with a high-quality, dynamically rendered postcard. These first-class high-quality stock cards are driven by consumer interest and intent and customized based on your campaign parameters. Instant gratification for consumers — and marketers.
Programmatic Catalog
Tell your personalized brand story in a robust canvas that combines content and commerce via our Programmatic Catalog. Dynamically rendered and printed on-demand, our first-class catalogs contain a minimum of eight customized pages of editorial content, tagged promos, targeted merchandise, and more.


Gain increased visibility into performance including response path activity, conversions, ROAS, lift and more. With PebblePost’s Transaction Match solution, capture all your conversions regardless of channel.

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Retention? Acquisition? How about both?

Customers and prospects initiate conversations with brands online at amazing speed and frequency and marketers have a variety of goals depending on the site visitor — from customer acquisition to retention, prospecting, loyalty, and more. No matter your campaign goal, our Programmatic Direct Mail Platform enables brands to convert their shoppers into buyers.


The Programmatic Direct Mail Platform leverages our proprietary ID graph to create, enhance and validate connections between website visitors, the computers/devices they use, and their household postal address. Deliver tangible marketing to the right people in a way that feels timely, convenient, and authentic.

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Customers want to feel valued and appreciated, but they don’t always make it easy. They shop in-store and online, bounce across devices, and browse incognito. Our Programmatic Direct Mail platform easily recognizes and connects with your most loyal brand fans and VIPs versus one-time purchasers to increase LTV, whether they’ve logged into your site or not. Up-sell, cross-sell, deliver localized messaging, or offer VIP rewards to strengthen your customer relationships.

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Customer Stories

Check out how some of our customers have found success using Programmatic Direct Mail.

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