The PDM® Platform

The Programmatic Direct Mail® platform is a full-stack solution that enables the most relevant and respectful at-home marketing. Our platform leverages scaled proprietary data, algorithmic optimization, advanced measurement and analytics, and a print and mail logistics network.


PebblePost is the solution for the modern marketer and enables stronger performance through better consumer experiences. Powered by our unique data intelligence, over 10,000 signals are processed with each piece of Programmatic Direct Mail.

We combine online signals and offline data to reach qualified consumers with relevant and respectful mail at home. Our optimization models use data such as:

  • Interest and Intent
  • Demographic
  • Psychographic
  • Frequency
  • Behavioral
  • Geo
  • Recency
  • Propensity to Purchase

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
Our personalized, high-quality marketing mail is dropped into a postal hub every day to help brands connect with qualified consumers quickly.



Relevant and respectful communication is the foundation to a meaningful relationship between a consumer and a brand. Today the online channels to connect with consumers have become increasingly expensive and less effective.

Meanwhile, consumers demand more from brands and expect more personalization. Programmatic Direct Mail solves for this marketing challenge by combining online signals and offline data to reach consumers at home with relevant and respectful mail.

Three Pillars of PebblePost Performance

  • Intelligence: The combination of our graph, our algorithm, and our ability to target, track and report with the highest accuracy fuels our ability to deliver superior performance.
  • Experience: Programmatic Direct Mail delivers a high-quality consumer touchpoint at home that is respectful and relevant with 100% viewability and zero fraud
  • Measurement: We stand behind the measurement of incrementality to illustrate the true impact PDM delivers and the value it can drive for your brand. 
PebblePost has been a great addition to our digital marketing strategy. We've seen how effective it is to reconnect with our online prospects through direct mail.

Melissa Smith
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Parachute


Reach the most valuable website visitors—both new and existing customers—with personalized mail.

Our unique approach of matching online interest and intent signals to a physical mailing address enables you to better re-engage with a consumer who has recently visited your website.


  • Capture real-time intent on your website via JS
  • Address-to-address matching accurately segments new vs existing customers
  • Our optimization algorithm ranks consumers based on propensity to convert
  • Digitally print within 12–24 hours using our sophisticated print and mail logistics network
  • Frequency management to ensure respectful communication
  • Consumer receives one piece of high-quality mail within 2–3 business days
We have experienced firsthand the performance benefit of reaching consumers who browse our site online with a relevant piece of direct mail. We recognize the value of providing a physical reminder that they can share, discuss, and consider on their own terms. As a result of our digital and direct mail campaigns, we’ve been able to decrease our CPA and add new customers to the brand.

Scott Paladini
Founder, Bear Mattress


Discover qualified prospects and acquire new customers using the PebblePost Graph and advanced modeling.


Lookalikes, powered by PDM®, are created using our machine-learning modeling to find highly qualified prospects with the greatest likelihood to convert.

Lookalikes enable growth-minded marketers to extend their reach and engage prospects in a more respectful and relevant way that converts consumers into customers. 


  • Use your highest value customers as a seed file
  • Combine online intent signals from our Graph with offline demographic and psychographic attributes of a brands’ best customers
  • Score users based on highest propensity to convert
  • Connect ideal prospective customers with household address
  • Manage frequency to ensure no duplicate mailings across campaigns and ensure respectful communication with consumer
  • Leverage our automated workflow to dynamically model, print, and mail within 24 hours
  • Get to home within 2–3 business days

Graph Mail

Drive stronger customer engagement with Graph Mail powered by Programmatic Direct Mail®.

Leverage PebblePost’s Programmatic Direct Mail platform to reach your current customers with relevant and respectful digitally-printed mail.

Graph Mail enables you to more effectively and efficiently engage active customers, win-back lapsed customers, and reach a specific subset of your CRM database, such as most frequent shoppers, with a piece of high-quality, digitally printed mail within 24-48 hours.


  • Brand provides PebblePost with a customer list
  • Our platform automatically cleans, dedupes, and normalizes all addresses for accuracy
  • Our platform frequency caps against other products and campaigns to prevent overexposure, waste, and to ensure respectful communication with consumers
  • Our seamless print and logistics workflow gets mail out within 24 hours
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