The Marketer’s Guide to Programmatic Direct Mail

Digiday and PebblePost partnered up to dive deep into the world of Programmatic Direct Mail. This WTF guide will unpack how it’s reinventing direct mail to connect offline and online marketing strategies.

Brands need addressable marketing channels outside of digital that can deliver both performance and scale. Programmatic Direct Mail (PDM), an innovation that emerged from the early popularity of programmatic technology, does exactly that.

This guide will explore how, by combining the impactful nature of physical media with machine learning, automation, and real-time intent data, PDM can help marketers cut through the noise with performance-driven strategies that don’t rely on cookies or online identifiers. Scroll to view our explainer video on PDM.

In this guide, you will learn:

What is the difference between PDM, traditional direct mail, and digital marketing campaigns
How to measure success and optimize PDM campaigns
Tips for creating standout pieces of mail
How to identify the right PDM partner
The benefit of reaching someone online and at home via programmatic direct mail is one plus one equals three. It’s two strategies that together work even better than the sum of the parts. So, we’ve seen that there’s an enormous benefit.
Jacob Ross Chief Executive Officer, PebblePost