Convert shoppers into buyers with the most effective marketing at home.

We invented Programmatic Direct Mail® to help brands convert more shoppers into buyers using advanced targeting, algorithmic optimization, attribution and quantitative analysis.
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Effective Marketing

Create Powerful Online-to-Offline Conversations

PebblePost’s Programmatic Direct Mail® platform uses data science and machine learning along with a powerful combination of parameters including consumer attributes, activities, and location to select recipients with the highest propensity to convert. Reconnect with the right person at the right time—in a highly relevant and respectful way.

Audience Insights

Monitor Delivery, Conversion and Attribution

Follow response path activity to know when a Programmatic Direct Mail recipient returns to your site and converts online. Using our Transaction Match solution, we can quantify conversions across all purchase channels: online, in-store, and over-the-phone. All while providing full funnel insights, and visibility into performance.

Programmatic Mail

Dynamic Creative Formats

When it’s been determined your site visitors are likely to be influenced by Programmatic Direct Mail, a Programmatic Postcard® or Programmatic Catalog® is dynamically created and sent to continue the conversation at home. Consumers can then take action on their terms and at their convenience, across the purchase channel of their choice.

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We have experienced firsthand the performance benefit of reaching consumers who browse our site online with a relevant piece of direct mail. We recognize the value of providing a physical reminder that they can share, discuss, and consider on their own terms. As a result of our digital and direct mail campaigns, we’ve been able to decrease our CPA and add new customers to the brand.
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Check out how some of our customers have found success using Programmatic Direct Mail.

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