Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is an increasingly important factor in consumers’ purchase decisions. In a survey conducted by CGS, 68% of U.S. internet users reported product sustainability as an important factor in purchase decisions.1

In another study, 48% of U.S. consumers ages 21 to 34 said they will “definitely” or “probably” alter their buying habits to reduce adverse environmental impact.2 This shift in buying habits requires brands to take a holistic approach to diminishing their environmental impact on the Earth by making their business more sustainable.

PebblePost helps brands better meet those expectations using Programmatic Direct Mail® - a more sustainable way for brands to connect with consumers than traditional direct mail.

Our Impact is Powered by our Values and a Holistic Approach

Programmatic Direct Mail helps marketers reduce their carbon footprint through a blend of intent based targeting, more sustainable materials, processes, and operations. Every step of our Programmatic Direct Mail supply chain aims to take our environment into consideration:

Data Driven Decisioning

Our algorithmic optimization engine ensures that Programmatic Direct Mail is printed and delivered only to individuals who’ve exhibited specific digital intent signals towards a brand. Our technology eliminates waste caused by unreliable targeting and duplicate mailings.3

Environmentally Friendly Printing

Programmatic Direct Mail is printed on demand using a digital platform wholly committed to sustainability. Our technology ensures that we print only what is needed to fulfill each day’s campaigns. This prevents overruns, and reduces the amount of waste product generated throughout the process.4

Efficient Delivery

Our delivery network utilizes state-of-the-art systems and technology to simplify the process from pre-sorting to delivery, improving delivery speed, tracking and reporting, while reducing transit times and the amount of resources required to deliverProgrammatic Direct Mail.5

Our Papers

FSC® Certified
PebblePost empowers brands to make earth-friendly choices, offering a suite of Forestry Stewardship Council® (FSC) certified papers to enhance Programmatic DirectMail. FSC certification ensures that the paper we use has not been manufactured at the expense of the environment, and the FSC seal on each mailpiece displays the brand‘s commitment to sustainability.
Recycled Materials
Our high quality paper offering contains at least 50% pre and post consumer recycled material, and deliver the same great performance for Programmatic Postcards®.6
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Raising the bar

If brands use Programmatic DirectMail to reach their consumers instead of direct mail, they can meet their marketing objectives and reduce their waste caused by irrelevant mail by 75%.

Programmatic Direct Mail

PebblePost estimates that this blend of data-driven decisioning and the sustainable supply chain of Programmatic Direct Mail could have saved around 75M trees in 2018.8

Traditional Direct Mail

In 2018, brands sent approximately 77 Billion pieces of direct mail to prospective consumers. Stacked on top of each other, that is enough mail to circumnavigate the Earth 268 times!7

Giving Back

As part of PebblePost’s ongoing commitment to further sustainability, we aspire to plant millions of trees with our partner, One Tree Planted, in an effort to offset the usage of Programmatic Direct Mail. PebblePost believes sustainability must be the core of how we and all businesses operate, and we’re committed to providing solutions to our brands to help them accomplish their marketing objectives while striving to set the standard for sustainable marketing.

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