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Bridge the Gap Between the Digital and the Physical World

The PebblePost Graph is your key to powering relevance in the real world, securely connecting billions of first-party household, online intent, and transaction data points with its privacy-by-design framework.

With this unique data asset on your side, you can fuel unparalleled reach, relevance, and performance that scales with your business.


Tap into Data that Drives a 50% Improvement in Conversion Rates*

Relevance is the key to driving performance. Relevance relies on a balance of accuracy, intent, and recency.

When you connect to the PebblePost Graph, every piece of marketing mail you send is fueled by billions of first-party household, online intent, and transaction data points that are refreshed daily. So no matter what you send or to whom, it feels relevant to the person holding it.

*Compared to third-party data providers alone (2021 internal data science analysis).

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Bridging the gap

Scale with Confidence

Reach more of your ideal prospects and customers with 97% coverage of US households.

Power Greater Relevance

Prioritize performance by infusing every mail piece sent with over 10,000 online intent signals.

Know What Works

Better understand purchase behavior with inputs of 799 transactions per minute.
PebblePost’s technology allows us to reach audiences from online to offline in a way that we’ve never been able to before.
Bumsoo Kim
Bumsoo Kim Director Marketing, Dermstore

Build Lasting Connections, Now and in the Future

It’s hard to build a forward-thinking strategy with digital identifiers you can’t be sure will exist in a year.

At the core of the PebblePost Graph are households, providing a solid foundation of offline identifiers so you can build your strategy without having to worry about what tomorrow will bring.

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Build lasting connections

Unlock Stronger Connections

Households are more stable and ubiquitous than digital identifiers, ideal for building lasting connections both online and offline.

Ensure Up-to-Date Accuracy

Go beyond NCOA with multilayer address and recipient validation, merging, and normalization that uses up to 45 metadata points.

Rest Assured It’s Secure

Seamlessly connect your first-party data directly to the privacy-by-design framework, no matter where your data is stored.
PebblePost helped TUMI utilize this new channel in a successful way. We were able to see the connection between online browsing and in-store conversions while adding new customers to the brand.
Taryn Rayment Director Digital Marketing, Tumi

Make Privacy Paramount with Privacy-By-Design Framework


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