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Take Control of Performance Without Taking on More Work

The PebblePost Platform puts performance in your hands, making it easy to onboard your data, define your goals, and measure success all within a single, unified platform.

Always-on optimization algorithms and automated workflows mean greater accuracy, speed, and relevance, so you can spend less time managing a platform and more time growing your business.


Make “Home” a Part of Your Omnichannel Strategy

Home is where 88% of purchase decisions are made, making it the ideal environment in which to engage consumers.

The PebblePost Platform makes it possible for brands to apply the same data and performance driven strategies they’ve come to expect and love in digital channels to engage consumers offline, in the comfort of their homes.

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Make home part of your strategy

Power Efficient Performance

Avoid wasteful over-sending while surpassing performance goals with optimization algorithms that are always learning and improving.

Improve Consumer Experiences

Apply global frequency capping, pacing, and custom filters and labels for greater efficiency and relevance.

Understand Performance Faster

Make more agile marketing decisions with immediate insights into sends, revenue, transactions, and pacing.
As PebblePost’s optimization continues to learn, we’ll continue to see stronger and stronger ROI.
Matt Meyers
Matt Meyers Head of Customer Acquisition, Haven Life

Go from “Implementation” to
“In-the-Home” in Days, Not Weeks

Traditional direct mail can mean weeks, or even months, of back-and-forths with data providers, printers, and platforms.

PebblePost provides brands with an unified platform for everything from data onboarding to performance reporting, so you can go from defining your goals to being in homes within days of deployment.

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“In-the-Home” in Days

Securely Connect Your Data

Seamlessly onboard first-party data no matter where its stored, so it can be validated, normalized, and scored.

Take Control of Performance

Define your goals, upload creatives, set pacing and budget parameters, and even conduct A/B tests.

Deploy With Confidence

Take advantage of a dynamic print and mailing network that ensures speed, accuracy, and quality.
The benefit of working with PebblePost and a key differentiator was that it was more quick and nimble.
Sarah Mchahon Director of Digital Marketing, ModCloth

Invest in a Platform, Get the Experts to Match


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