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Connect with Customers at Home with Programmatic Direct Mail

Connect your first-party data to the PebblePost Graph to unlock advanced targeting and optimization features on the PebblePost Platform that work together to grow your customers’ lifetime value, from bolstering loyalty programs to re-engaging lapsed buyers.

Engage Customers at Home

Home is where 88% of major purchase decisions are made, making it the ideal environment to engage customers.

Power Greater Relevance

Engage customers with the highest conversion potential based on billions of online intent signals that are refreshed daily.

Optimize to Outcomes

Focus on results, not margins or send volume, with optimization algorithms that are always learning and improving.

Get in Homes Faster

Improve recency and accuracy with a dynamic print and mailing network, including multilayer address and recipient validation.

Make Meaningful Connections Across the Customer Lifecycle

Customers expect every interaction with your brand to be relevant, especially when it occurs in the home.

PebblePost Customer Engagement unlocks the potential value of every file in your CRM, creating new opportunities to engage your customers at every lifecycle stage with relevant offers in their homes, even if you don’t have a household address.

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Reach Subscribers at Home

Amplify reach to include email and text subscribers, even without a household address.

Boost Retention and Loyalty

Deploy targeted upsell, retention, and loyalty offers to any list of customers quickly, easily, and accurately.

Optimize Customer Lists

Power efficient performance by optimizing any large customer lists based on conversion potential.
PebblePost has been an invaluable partner in our retention programs, helping upsell our current customers onto paid subscriptions. The customer engagement product has been a terrific complement to our other performance marketing channels, and has helped drive a lot of business!
Jon Barth
John Barth VP of Digital Marketing, IXL Learning

Make Relevant Connections with Customers Active on Your Website

You want to treat a seasonal buyer different than a platinum loyalty member. Especially when they’re active on your website.

PebblePost Customer Retargeting connects what’s happening on your website to the data in your CRM, making it possible to quickly engage customers with relevant, targeted offers at home, even if they aren’t logged-in.

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Make connections

Never Miss a Moment

Seamlessly deploy relevant, targeted offers within 12-24 hours of a customer expressing intent on your website.

Improve Customer Experiences

Apply global frequency capping and pacing to ensure you never over-send to your best customers.

Enrich Retention Insights

Use custom labels and segmentation to better understand what’s driving transactions.
[Programmatic] Direct Mail is part of our omnichannel approach… reinforcing the message with consistent creative across multiple channels which leads to stronger recognition.
Kelsey Knight
Kelsey Knight Growth Marketing Manager, Mejuri

Understand Performance Regardless of Point of Sale

Your customers don’t just buy things on your website, so why only track and measure what happens online?

PebblePost bridges the gap between digital and offline purchase with reporting and measurement that takes into account all points of sale, whether they happen online, in store, and even over the phone.

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Demystify Incremental Lift

Gain deeper insights into value created by comparing performance against control groups.

Understand Performance Faster

Access self-serve reporting for immediate insights into sends, revenue, transactions, and pacing.

Plan Ahead with KPI Projections

Partner with data scientists and experts to project performance and budgets based on your goals.
PebblePost helped TUMI utilize this new channel in a successful way. We were able to see the connection between online browsing and in-store conversions while adding new customers to the brand.
Taryn Rayment Director Digital Marketing, TUMI

Delight Customers with Beautiful, High Quality Marketing Mail

Your marketing mail is a tangible extension of your brand customers welcome into their homes. It has to be special.

PebblePost provides a variety of formats and gloss options to make sure your brand’s creative is given the attention it deserves. We’ve even gone ahead and tested different combinations to determine the least likely to smudge during transit, or to be damaged while opening.

Create Superior Experiences

Create Superior Experiences

Select from a variety of creative formats and finishes to create the perfect look and feel.

Test and Learn What Works

A/B test creative imagery, format, and even offer codes, to further refine performance and deepen learnings.

Streamline Creative Processes

Quickly and easily upload creative assets while the dynamic print and mailing network does the rest.

Commit to Sustainability Without Sacrificing Performance

One of the wonderful things about Programmatic Direct Mail is that it is inherently greener than traditional direct mail marketing, since only people with the highest likelihood to convert receive a piece of marketing mail. In other words, you don’t have to send as much to see the same, or even better, results. But we also know that’s not enough. That’s why we’re taking active steps to lessen our impact on the planet, like partnering with the environmental restoration platform, veritree, and offering FSC ® Certified paper options for our customers.

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