Make marketing truly addressable

Engage decision-ready consumers across the online and offline moments that matter to drive measurable performance everywhere.

Acquire, retain, and reactivate—quickly and easily.

Unlike traditional direct mail platforms and agencies, PebblePost connects identity, intent, and action across both online and offline channels at a massive scale. We enable brands to confidently acquire and retain customers by helping them identify and engage addressable audiences with active purchase intent using Programmatic Direct Mail. And we make it fast and easy to do.

The PebblePost difference:

Outstanding outcomes

Identify and engage decision-ready, addressable audiences with active purchase intent at scale using automated machine learning models. Our clients typically see 5 to 50X

Effortless execution

Go from onboarding creatives to on-route for delivery within 48 hours with end-to-end dynamic workflows and automation. We have 97% coverage of US households to reach ideal prospects and customers.

Actionable analytics

Understand what’s working and why in real-time, regardless of point of sale, with closed-loop, 1:1 measurement. We ingest 799 transactions per minute to help understand purchase behavior.

Powerful partnership

Spend your time focusing on the insights and strategies to grow your business while a team of PDM pros handles the rest.
Success stories

Amazing brands seeing amazing performance.

[Programmatic] Direct Mail is part of our omnichannel approach, so any creative you see online is matched and mirrored in our Direct Mail, reinforcing the message with consistent creative across multiple channels which leads to stronger recognition.
Kelsey Knight Headshot
Kelsey Knight Growth Marketing Manager
PebblePost understands acquisition and retargeting. They are able to offer precision and targeting, which offline channels simply cannot. Their commitment to measurability and their thorough causal lift analysis validated the value they add to our acquisition program. I will personally continue to recommend PebblePost to fellow marketers.
Randi Charles
Randi Charles VP Marketing
PebblePost is a winning channel for us. The strong results we’ve seen early in the campaign allowed us to scale even faster than we expected. We had a goal at the beginning of the year to find three new winning partners—PebblePost became one right away.
Julia Metaxas
Julia Metaxas Senior Director of Growth
The performance we’ve been seeing has exceeded our expectations. Not only have we surpassed our conversion rate goal, but we’re also seeing conversion rates for our higher-tier membership rates. The performance has been really fantastic.
Alex Langille
Alex Langille AAA Northeast

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