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Your New Acquisition Channel

The golden age of performance marketing is over. Digital noise, fatigue, and ID deprecation have made engaging consumers at scale and tracking marketing performance more expensive and difficult.

Programmatic Direct Mail delivers your brand right to a consumer’s doorstep. By pinpointing decision-ready consumers and engaging them with beautifully designed, highly relevant physical media, PDM helps you close the loop across the online and offline moments that matter.

What Makes Programmatic Direct Mail an Ideal Customer Acquisition Channel?

Programmatic Direct Mail stands out.


Brands everywhere risk getting lost in the sea of online media that inundates consumers with ads at every click.

Programmatic Direct Mail delivers performance-driven strategies combined with high-impact, tangible creatives that help marketers cut through the noise.

Powered by real-time intent, automated machine learning, and dynamic workflows, PDM helps marketers engage consumers that are ready to make a purchase decision in those pivotal moments with media that’s more memorable than a digital impression and can live on someone’s counter or fridge for up to 17 days.

Programmatic Direct Mail is more predictable

From the curbing of digital IDs like of cookies and MAIDs to wild swings in CPMs, “media planning” can feel a lot like “media guessing” these days.

Programmatic Direct Mail is 100% addressable, built on deterministic household IDs, which are more stable, long-lived, and ubiquitous than digital identifiers.

It’s also built on more predictable pricing. While the USPS has been raising prices periodically and will continue to do so for the next few years, the mail is not an auction-based environment. This means prices won’t suddenly spike alongside spikes in demand, as is the case with digital CPMs.

Programmatic Direct Mail is performance-driven

With PDM, you can use performance-driven “online” strategies based on your data and your goals to engage consumers in the “offline” environment of home:

  • Model audiences of net-new, decision-ready prospects who share attributes and behaviors with your most valued customers.
  • Retarget first-time website visitors actively browsing your website based on conversion potential, not just trigger events.
  • Dynamically suppress existing customers and recent conversions from inclusion in prospecting campaigns on a 1:1 basis.

Then close-the-loop on every transaction reliably across all points of sale with address-level matching for performance and conversion rate lift measurement.

Success stories

Ergatta beats their acquisition goal by 117%

PebblePost understands acquisition and retargeting. They are able to offer precision and targeting, which offline channels simply cannot. Their commitment to measurability and their thorough causal lift analysis validated the value they add to our acquisition program. I will personally continue to recommend PebblePost to fellow marketers.
Randi Charles
Randi Charles VP Marketing

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