Hilton Custom Creative Analysis

Create Long Lasting Impressions with
Direct Mail

The following recommendations are based on an analysis of Hilton’s Q2 audiences, so that you can truly stand out and make an impression with a creative as powerful as the data behind it.
Let's Dig In

It’s More
than Just Another
Piece of Mail

When you send someone a piece of mail, it’s a physical representation of your brand that can live in their home for up to 17 days. In a recent study, the Canada Post and True Impact found that, when compared to digital, a tangible paper impression was more impactful at driving greater ad recall and consumer action.

higher ad recall

easier to understand and more memorable

higher motivation to respond

The Keys to Creating Memorable Creatives

Your Audience Likes

Use lifestyle photography to create stories in which the recipient can see themselves. We’ve identified a number of activities Hilton audiences in Q2 2023 over-indexed for compared to the US population that could be reflected in your creatives.
• Boating/Sailing
• Gourmet Foods
• Gardening
• Hiking
• Fishing
• Golf
• Photography

Be Branding

Every Programmatic Direct Mail piece is an opportunity to build brand awareness and recognition. Prominently display the Hilton logo on both the front and back.

to Emotions

Emotion is intertwined with memory. The more effectively you’re able to evoke an emotional response from a recipient, the more vividly and accurately they will recall your message and brand.

Words Wisely

With limited real estate, you need to make sure the message is succinct and the value is clear. Make the most of the real-estate you have and try to balance product or lifestyle imagery with messaging, offer details, and terms and conditions.

Reduce Friction
in the Call-to-Action

Use short and sweet URLs or scannable QR codes to seamlessly guide recipients directly to a landing page with more details about the offer. The easier you make the next step, the more likely they’ll be to take it. will recall your message and brand.

Take Your Creatives to the Next Level with Technical Innovation

At PebblePost, we’re always innovating, trying to find new ways for our brand partners to engage and delight their customers. In fact, we have several new features we are working on right now for which Hilton could be an early testing partner, including dynamic text, colors, and QR codes.

Interested in learning more about what’s on the creative horizon? Reach out to your PebblePost Brand Partnerships lead:

Jillian Segall
Senior Director, Brand Partnerships


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