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How Lulu and Georgia Drove a 32x ROAS with PDM Retargeting

Online home decor and furniture brand Lulu and Georgia designs and curates the best and latest in interiors, making it accessible for their customers to make their dream rooms a reality. Similar to other direct-to-consumer brands, Lulu and Georgia’s marketing strategy focused on enhancing and accelerating the buyer’s journey, leveraging digital retargeting through email marketing, digital and display ads, and social to reach both prospective and existing customers. But they were also looking to diversify their marketing mix, generate incremental revenue, and increase return on ad spend (ROAS).

Having only tested direct mail via catalogs, Lulu and Georgia sought innovative ways to reach consumers at home. They decided to incorporate Programmatic Direct Mail® Retargeting into their marketing mix because it complemented their other acquisition strategies.


At the beginning of the year, LuLu and Georgia set a goal to identify three new marketing channels with which they could scale—and quickly— while meeting their standard for performance. 

They ultimately decided to run a pilot with PebblePost because of PebblePost’s measurement approach. It included incrementality testing immediately in the pilot, as well as the consultations.

With a goal of 4x ROAS, they leveraged the PDM® Platform to identify users who had recently visited their website. They then used the platform to match them to household addresses and mail those most likely to convert.

With a full-funnel approach, Lulu and Georgia was able to reach both new and existing audiences with a piece of high-quality mail arriving at home within 2–3 days of site activity. Creative featured aspirational imagery and showcasing various products, with a strong call to action.

Lulu and Georgia 1
Lulu and Georgia 1

“When your vendor proactively suggests an incrementality test, it adds a strong level of trust to the partnership right out of the gate.” 



Lulu and Georgia was happy to exceed their goal and see a 32x ROAS—surpassing their goal of 4x ROAS. 

PebblePost’s excellent client service and willingness to go the extra mile coupled with its ability to confidently measure incrementality throughout the campaign provided the Lulu and Georgia team with the confidence to continue to invest in PDMTM. 

Lulu and GA results

PebblePost is a winning channel for us. The strong results we’ve seen early in the campaign allowed us to scale even faster than we expected. We had a goal at the beginning of the year to find three new winning partners—PebblePost became one right away.


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