Bonafide Health is an online health and wellness brand that seeks to provide women with naturally powerful remedies for the natural symptoms that occur throughout their lives — from PMS to menopause and everything else along the way.

With PebblePost, I’m able to receive accurate forecasted performance, which is something not many people do. It makes a huge difference, and PebblePost has proven time and again that they can hit the forecast goals across a longer attribution window, which gives us confidence for budgeting and scaling.
Vice President, Growth + Digital Product


Like other direct-to-consumer brands, Bonafide Health’s marketing strategy leans into enhancing and accelerating the buyer’s journey. Historically, Bonafide Health’s marketing team has relied on digital approaches, such as digital retargeting through email marketing, digital, display, and social to reach their audience.

With Bonafide leveraging a hybrid traditional pharmaceutical and digital model — linking the power of a national, direct-to-doctor field force with the accessibility and convenience of a digitally native brand; the marketing team knew most conversations were happening offline with doctors. 

Given this activity, the team started the search for a direct mail marketing solution to bridge the digital and offline gap, reach a new audience, and exceed revenue goals by leveraging their digital data.


Based on a previous successful partnership, Victor Castro, Vice President of Growth and Product at Bonafide Health, reconnected with PebblePost.

The Bonafide Health team incorporated Programmatic Direct Mail® Retargeting into their marketing mix to complement their other customer acquisition strategies.

For their campaign, Bonafide Health’s goals were to increase conversions from new customers through retargeting and to see overall incremental performance lift. They decided to run a Pilot because of PebblePost's measurement approach, which automatically includes incrementality testing.

With a goal of measuring incremental cost per acquisition, Bonafide Health used PDM Retargeting to identify and reach the most valuable website prospects with personalized direct mail within 2-3 days after their online activity. Postcard creative featured eye-catching lifestyle images and showcased various products alongside a strong call to action and a promotional offer.

"Our campaign results have improved as we’ve scaled and grown them. This has given us the confidence to increase our ad spend.”
Victor Castro, Vice President, Growth + Digital Product


The Bonafide Health team was happy to exceed their goals and saw a 57% conversion rate lift — outperforming the 20–40% conversion rate benchmark set by PebblePost.

PebblePost’s unmatched client service and willingness to go the extra mile, coupled with its ability to confidently measure incrementality throughout the campaign, provided the Bonafide Health team with the confidence to continue to invest in PebblePost and its PDM® products. 

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