Mejuri is the category-defining fine jewelry brand designing high-quality pieces you can wear every day.

Retargeting ROAS
Retargeting ROAS
Retargeting ROAS
Retargeting ROAS
“I have great relationships with everyone at PebblePost, from implementation to retention through to the data team. I love how responsive PebblePost is: when I ask for a new report, they provide it within two-three business days, this helps our team keep a close eye on things. I appreciate how invested they are in our campaigns, how quickly they get creative out the door, and I like that I can come to PebblePost with our plan, and they offer really unique ways to scale it up.”
Kelsey Knight
Growth Marketing Manager


Mejuri is the category-defining fine jewelry brand designing high-quality pieces you can wear every day. Feeling disconnected from an industry that typically markets to men, co-founder and CEO Noura Sakkijha leveraged her learnings as a third-generation jeweler to rethink the way women purchase jewelry—for themselves.

While Mejuri already gained considerable market share with their experimental approach to advertising, they wanted to increase acquisition without offering discounts. When PebblePost initially met with Mejuri, the brand already demonstrated a diversified marketing mix. They started with digital and paid social, then explored TikTok, Snapchat, Out-of-Home advertising (OOH), podcasts, TV, and tested Direct Mail. However, they didn’t see success with their previous Direct Mail program due to struggles with attribution.

Additionally, they noticed a considerable increase in the volatility of digital ad pricing. CPMs continue to rise, making it difficult to forecast marketing spend and reach their target market efficiently. 

This led Mejuri to seek a partner who would enable them to overcome today’s congested advertising environment and help them scale faster by connecting with the right audience. Plus, they wanted a partner who would provide a reliable and transparent pricing structure in addition to scalability, incrementality, and accurate reporting.


In this crowded digital advertising environment where people are exhausted by endless scrolling, ad trolling, and sponsored content, Mejuri knew it had to innovate its marketing efforts even further to make an impact.

To increase acquisition without any discounting, the brand needed a platform, which could offset digital fatigue by showcasing its distinctiveness in a new way. Enter PebblePost: the inventor of Programmatic Direct Mail®, offering marketers a seamless way to integrate real-time online intent data with impactful Direct Mail.

Mejuri started a pilot program with PebblePost in 2019. After initial success, Mejuri quickly scaled up to the monthly Always On strategy, followed by a much larger push in Q4.

Mejuri saw the physical postcard as a manifestation of its brand, something tactile, allowing it to connect with its customers in a more personal, intimate way--something to be held, displayed on the fridge, or linger on the entryway table. With most advertising taking place in the digital space, a postcard arriving in-home becomes refreshing/impactful. 

Mejuri liked the concept of sending a piece of its brand directly into its customer’s homes so much they decided to level up. Opting to leverage PebblePost’s entire full-stack solution: The Programmatic Direct Mail® platform.

This three-pronged approach combines the impact of Retargeting with the growth of Lookalikes and the engagement of Graph Mail. As a result, PebblePost gave Mejuri a smarter way to cultivate the intimacy it craved with its customers, develop deeper brand awareness, and exceed its acquisition goal.


The Mejuri team was thrilled to see consistent results, month over month, using PebblePost’s full-stack solution: The Programmatic Direct Mail® platform.

Retargeting enabled Mejuri to exceed their goal and reach 9x ROAS and 85% in conversion rate lift.

With the newly implemented Lookalikes product, Mejuri already sees strong success with 6x ROAS, and they’ve implemented an evergreen approach, maintaining month-over-month growth.

And Graph Mail garnered Mejuri an impressive 50x in ROAS.

These fantastic performance results, coupled with PebblePost’s sophisticated optimization and hands-on approach to brand relationships, have given Mejuri the confidence to continue to invest in PDM.

“Direct Mail is part of our omnichannel approach, so any creative you see online is matched and mirrored in our Direct Mail, reinforcing the message with consistent creative across multiple channels which leads to stronger recognition.” - Kelsey Knight, Growth Marketing Manager
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