Home essentials brand, Parachute, offers premium bedding and bath basics designed for maximum comfort. Parachute is committed to creating a better customer experience in the home, from both a product and marketing perspective. Like all direct-to-consumer brands, Parachute requires a strong marketing strategy to support, enhance, and accelerate the buyer journey. Parachute leveraged Programmatic Direct Mail® to create more personal, in-home connections for better results and a greater return.

~4x the campaign objective
~4x the campaign objective
PebblePost has been a great addition to our digital marketing strategy. This new channel allows us to effectively interact and re-engage with online prospects, creating a tactile extension of our brand in cities without a physical store presence.
Luke Droulez
Head of Digital, Parachute


Parachute wanted to acquire new customers and drive conversions to achieve 2x ROAS.


Parachute used Programmatic Direct Mail to retarget website prospects (acquire new-to-file customers) based on real-time online interest and intent data. Parachute designed a custom, high-impact Programmatic Postcard® promoting the brand’s Bedding and Bath lines, as well as its limited-edition Gifts and Décor products. Parachute also used PebblePost’s Transaction Match solution to capture all conversions—including those made by cross-device shoppers and consumers with third-party cookie blocks.


Parachute reconnected with website prospects in a highly relevant and respectful way with longer-lasting Programmatic Direct Mail at home. The campaign was optimized to conversions, and because the Average Order Value (AOV) was high, the campaign quickly paid for itself. In fact, using Transaction Match, Parachute captured 2.3x more conversions, resulting in 7.82x ROAS—nearly 4x the campaign objective!

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