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3 Tips to Better Gauge Your PDM Performance

PebblePost hosted its very first product webinar last week on the best practices for garnering insights into the performance and health of your Programmatic Direct Mail program. Our Head of Marketing Nick Dujnic sat down with our Sr. Director of Customer Operations Jonathan Cohn to answer your questions and share tips on how to use the PebblePost Performance Dashboard best. 

  1. For the most up-to-date data, share transaction files daily 

All of our data comes from campaigns directly on our platform. Everything else is coming from our brands. When we set up a new brand, we will create a data feed called a Transaction Feed. We will pull in a brand’s order data and automatically do a transaction match each day. Doing this daily helps marketers get decision-making data as often as possible and make the most of the Performance Dashboard. 

  1. Check performance weekly

Since PDM performs like digital but with a longer transaction window, brands can look at our trends chart to see past performance data of PebblePost campaigns and lean into where they think performance will net out.  The x-axis of the trends chart will show sends, spends, and revenue conversions, and the y-axis will show goals like conversion rate or ROAS. You can look at weekly or monthly performance. We don’t recommend checking in daily—the most you’ll see is the updated sends and spends data because mail only goes out once a day. To make timely, informed decisions that will move the needle when it comes to performance. 

  1. Give your campaign a lift

We perform lift studies on all of our campaigns, and we want our brands to be able to measure this metric easily. So, we’ve added a conversion rate lift widget to our dashboard. We also have a confidence interval that shares how sure we feel about our ability to hit this metric repeatedly. We have three views for looking at lift: 1) combined attribution, 2) fully attributed, and 3) partially attributed.

“At PebblePost, we lead with lift,” said Cohn. “And because we lead so much with lift, we want our marketers to be empowered to see that lift as much and as frequently as possible.”

You can watch the entire webinar here. Stay tuned for our next webinar on Nov. 15, which will cover navigating the 2024 privacy landscape

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