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Don’t let the Cookie Delay Phase Out Fool You, Cookies are Already Stale

Cookies are still on the menu, kind of. Last week, Google announced yet another delay in the Chrome phase-out of third-party cookies. The industry has been struggling to plan around this latest announcement and are looking to each other, not Google, to identify when and how, and the timelines are only one part of the uncertainty. In fact more than two-thirds of marketers believed this deprecation would, in fact, occur in 2024.

**Source eMarketer Study: Cookie deprecation delay defies marketer expectations

One question marketers might ask is how this should change their plans and their plans with their vendors. For many, this shouldn’t change anything. We get that a deadline applies pressure to act, but the reality is third-party cookie deprecation has already begun, and marketers not exploring alternatives are already seeing a costly impact. Safari, with 18% (Statista) market share, started blocking third-party cookies by default. Firefox has also implemented blocking.

Chrome is still the 800-pound gorilla with a 65% (Statista) market share, but we’re already in the midst of change, which has been clearly impacting targeting, attribution, and analytics.

Leading marketers should continue to lean into a cookieless solution set, looking for effective and durable solutions and advertising channels that can offer addressability – engaging and measuring a highly targeted audience with high levels of automation and insights) at scale.

PebblePost is in a class of solutions that fit the bill: cookieless, addressable marketing that drives performance and incremental lift at scale accurately and clearly, powered by durable identity, and built around high quality shared first party data.

Continuing to push forward means marketers and solutions providers not only survive but will thrive in the future. Innovation here will power marketing performance and insights and enable increased market share in the next era. Those who leave the cookies on the shelf will control their own destiny.

Reach out to learn more about how PebblePost is leading the way for marketers with a cookieless solution.

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