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Understand Performance at a Glance with PebblePost’s New Performance Dashboard

Today is a pretty darn exciting day here at PebblePost, because today we get to announce the open beta release of a new feature that will make the lives of the brands we work with easier: Our new Performance Dashboard.

The Performance Dashboard makes it quick and easy for the brands we work with to view the performance data associated with their Programmatic Direct Mail marketing program. With it, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand performance at a glance
  • Save time on back-and-forth communications for day-to-day data needs
  • Customize performance reporting to fit your needs

Please bookmark this link for easy reference:

Read on to learn more about all the fun new features and data available right at your fingertips.

Understand Performance at a Glance

To make decisions quickly, you need to be able to know how your campaign is performing and the data you’re basing your decisions on is accurate. That’s why we rolled up all the most important metrics, so you don’t have to waste your time digging or waiting on a response from your PebblePost account team. 

As soon as you log in, the Performance Dashboard will show you:

  • Sends
  • Spend
  • Revenue
  • Conversions
  • Conv Rate
  • CPA
  • ROAS

Customize Filters for More Granular Insights

Of course, not every brand (or marketer for that matter) is the same and not every question has a turnkey answer. Sometimes you need to noodle with some knobs to find what you need. We’ve built-in filters to help you quickly visualize and compare performance across weekly and monthly timeframes. Curious about creative-specific performance? Get an in-depth view of performance by creative type.


Go Deep with CSV Downloads

Got your own systems and models in which you want to merge the data from your Programmatic Direct Mail marketing program? Want to mail a copy to your mother to let her know how great you’re doing? Avoid confusion and unnecessary back-and-forths by downloading your brand’s data to your own internal format with CSV downloads.

Capture Every Conversion with Confidence, Even in a Cookieless Future

The data in the Performance Dashboard is powered by our unique Transaction Match process, which includes all transaction data available, including online and offline purchases. We acquire and sync your 1st-party data with no dependence on 3rd-party cookies, future-proofing your performance data against the pending browser wars. Even better, we automated the processes to keep the data fresh, daily.

Ready to get started? Just one more thing…

We hope you’re as excited about the Performance Dashboard as we are and before you go logging in and poking around, we have one simple request: Tell us what you think! 

This is a major step in our mission to provide the brands we work with the information they need, when they need it, so they can confidently make informed decisions that will help them scale and grow with PebblePost. But we also know we have miles to go before we sleep, and to get there we need your guidance.

Remember, this is in open beta to all active brands, so if you’re one of them, go in, break things, and tell us how we can continue to make it better! If not, reach out and talk to us about all things Programmatic Direct Mail.

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