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How PDM Fits into the Digital Marketing Mix: 5 Key Takeaways from Our New eBook

Digital marketing is still essential to any brand’s acquisition, retargeting, and retention strategies. But we all spend so much time online and are, consequently, bombarded by ads and marketing emails at every turn. Constantly evolving privacy laws and browser changes have also made it far more challenging to execute addressable digital marketing campaigns with measurable results. 

Marketers now require solutions that go beyond and complement their typical efforts to get the most out of their marketing budgets. That’s where hybrid offline-online channels like Programmatic Direct Mail come in.

Download “The Programmatic Direct Mail Imperative: How a Channel with Offline Roots Fits into Your Digital Marketing Mix”

Our new eBook, “The Programmatic Direct Mail Imperative: How a Channel with Offline Roots Fits into Your Digital Marketing Mix,” dives into how PDM solves these pain points by combining the physical creative and persistent household addresses direct mail leverages with the targeting and measurement digital offers. As a result, PDM helps deliver a better consumer experience that turns marketing dollars into business revenue. 

Read on for five key takeaways on how and why you should incorporate PDM into your overall marketing strategy, regardless of the funnel stage. And don’t forget to download the full eBookto learn more.

  1. PDM combines the best of physical media and digital ad tech

Like traditional direct mail, PDM media is more memorable, has a longer shelf-life, and is 100% addressable. At the same time, it also applies many of the same features we know and love from digital advertising: faster execution, real-time relevance, and a focus on performance. Brands can engage decision-ready consumers across the online and offline moments that matter to drive measurable performance everywhere.

  1. PDM amplifies a brand’s digital strategies

PDM combines online shopping and buying behaviors with machine learning to separate signals from noise. This data informs who gets a piece of mail so you can confidently get a personalized message to the right person. PDM, therefore, enables a truly omnichannel experience for consumers, increasing reach and performance and making marketing addressable in a world of changing privacy regulations.

  1. PDM helps reach and engage consumers across their journey

PDM is a full-funnel channel marketers can apply to prospecting, retargeting, and retention in more cost-effective, measurable ways. Because PDM is rooted in household postal addresses, not legacy digital identifiers, brands can link consumers across both digital and physical and the buyer funnel, from registration to purchase.

4. PDM extends the digital impression so you stay top-of-mind

Because PDM uses a physical asset, it extends a brand’s digital impression to stay top-of-mind longer. Automation and machine learning allow you to identify decision-ready consumers with active purchase intent in near real-time. This lets your brand pick up where digital left off and continue the conversation during a critical consideration period.

5. PDM acts and thinks like digital, but with longer attribution windows 

While the longer transaction window is excellent for driving long-lasting impact and incremental revenue, marketers must shift their thinking in measuring PDM vs. digital channels. Compared to digital channel attribution windows (typically 15 to 30 days), the standard PDM attribution window can be up to 60+ days. Brands should focus on incrementality via holdout groups to measure PDM performance.

This is just a taste of the tips, data, and real-life case study examples in this PDM guide. Download the full ebook “The Programmatic Direct Mail Imperative: How a Channel with Offline Roots Fits into Your Digital Marketing Mix” here.

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