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PebblePost Shopify Public App Enables Secure, Automated Data Pipeline for Brands

For many brands, first-party data is the lifeblood of everything they do. Whether identifying net-new prospects, nurturing existing customer, or measuring the impact of their marketing across the customer lifecycle, the ability to use their first-party data both easily and securely is paramount.

And if first-party data is the lifeblood, for online sellers in over 175 countries around the world, Shopify (the cloud-based, ‘all-in-one’ eCommerce platform that lets users build and run an online store) is the central nervous system.

With PebblePost’s public app for Shopify, brands can easily and securely share data from their Shopify-hosted website with the PebblePost Platform. That means they can power seamless 1:1 targeting, suppression, and measurement for their Programmatic Direct Mail marketing programs.

Here’s what it means for brands using our new Shopify public app:

  • Zero-Touch Setup: Scale faster with a seamlessly simple setup. Just download the app and you’re ready to go.
  • Future-Proofed Workflows: Never worry about unplanned disruptions with automated updates that ensure the workflows are always fully compliant with any changes that might be made on the Shopify side.
  • More Secure Connections: Reduce back and forth sharing of API keys across insecure channels with dynamic retrieval of API keys using the public app.

This is just the latest addition to the PebblePost partner network. Stay tuned for future announcements and updates as we continue to build out integrations with the platforms and systems our brand partners rely on everyday in order to reduce workloads and increase performance.

If you’re a brand working with Shopify and PebblePost and you’re not already using the public app, make sure to reach out to your dedicated support team.

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