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PebblePost’s Guide to Programmatic Direct Mail

In today’s environment, more marketers are being challenged to diversify their marketing dollars. They need to invest in opportunities outside of a few highly concentrated channels. PebblePost provides a powerful addition, leveraging an emerging channel called Digital To Direct Mail. This helps marketers achieve their goals while also putting the consumer’s experience at the forefront. In this guide to Programmatic Direct Mail® (PDM®), we break down the what, who, why, and how of this powerful marketing platform.

What is PebblePost?

PebblePost invented PDM, the leading Digital To Direct Mail marketing platform. We believe that respect for the consumer is paramount. This is a guiding principle for how we work with brands to enhance how they engage with them. We enable brands to send respectful marketing mail to consumers who have expressed interest in their product or offer.

What is Programmatic Direct Mail?

Programmatic Direct Mail blends the best of digital and direct mail to improve the consumer’s overall marketing experience, emphasizing relevant and respectful interaction. PDM leverages the intersection of online and offline data in a privacy-safe way. It helps brands reach consumers who have expressed interest in them and therefore have the greatest likelihood to convert after receiving a piece of high-quality mail at home. An end-to-end solution, marketers use PDM to deepen their connection with existing customers. And it helps them better focus their prospecting efforts on consumers most likely to engage.

PebblePost only sends mail on behalf of each brand we work with, subject to their marketing policies and brand guidelines.

How Does PDM Differ from Both Digital Marketing and Traditional Direct Mail?

At PebblePost, we believe in quality, not quantity. Examples of how we differ include:

  • PDM sends one piece of high-quality mail every 30 days, at most
  • PDM only sends mail to recipients who express strong intent
  • We use customer suppression so your customers don’t get inundated with PDM after they make a purchase
  • We have robust opt-outs so that if you don’t want to receive mail from us at all, you won’t
  • We only send mail on behalf of the brands we work with as per their marketing and privacy policies.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Since its inception, PebblePost has committed itself to sustainable business practices. We help ensure that marketers print only what is needed to fulfill their campaigns. This approach prevents overruns and reduces the amount of waste generated throughout the process.

If broadly adopted, PebblePost estimates data-driven decisioning and Programmatic Direct Mail’s sustainable supply chain could save 75 million trees annually. On average, each tree removes 30 pounds of carbon per year. This equates to a quarter-billion pounds of carbon removed from the atmosphere annually.

How Does PebblePost Implement Sustainability Within Their Business?

We partnered with the environmental charity One Tree Planted and pledged a donation towards re-forestry. We also offer new, FSC® Certified recycled paper options for our customers.

FSC® certification also means an independent third-party verifies the paper to confirm its origination from eco-friendly sources. It ensures that the paper was not manufactured at the expense of the environment — including the animals, plants, and people who rely on it.

The certification comes with a seal on each mail piece. This is visible to customers and reflects the brand’s choice to use sustainable materials.

At PebblePost, respect and transparency are among our core values. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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