At PebblePost, it’s no secret that we’re passionate about Programmatic Direct Mail®. We’ve spent the last five years developing a platform that helps brands take advantage of relevant, personalized direct mail. This platform allows them to engage with prospects in a meaningful way — all while hitting their marketing objectives.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of direct mail marketing and why it’s still relevant in 2021, we’ve compiled this list of 21 statistics to show just how powerful direct mail can be.

21 Statistics About Direct Mail Marketing

83% of purchases are influenced by relevant direct mail. (The Shopping Shift)

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Direct to Consumer brands cite direct mail as the offline channel that provides an acceptable cost per customer acquisition (CAC) with digital direct mail outperforming traditional direct mail. 25% of respondents stated that digital direct mail provided an acceptable CAC, compared to 21% of traditional direct mail.  (IAB’s Direct Brands: Media and Customer Acquisition)

88% of key purchase decisions are made at home (Home is at the Heart of Commerce Marketing)

According to the USPS’ “The Mail Moment” report:

  • 56% of respondents say receiving mail is a “real pleasure.”
  • 55% “look forward” to discovering the mail they receive.
  • 67% feel mail is more personal than the Internet.
  • 77% of Millennials say they pay attention to direct mail ads.

Direct mail breaks through the digital clutter. 80% of millennials report being attentive to direct mail, while 50% say they ignore digital ads. (The Shopping Shift)

Direct mail influences purchase decisions. According to The Shopping Shift, direct mail influences 42% of purchases in high-consideration categories.

According to HubSpot, 18% of B2B marketers’ budget is assigned to direct mail marketing and print advertising.

Direct mail speeds up the purchasing time frame. Most purchase decisions take longer than a week, and over a third take over a month to make. In The Shopping Shift, 73% of respondents reported taking longer than one day to make a purchase decision.

Image source: The Shopping Shift

63% of Direct to Consumer brands invest in direct mail marketing strategies. (IAB’s Direct Brands: Media and Customer Acquisition)

Additionally, in the IAB study, 23% of respondents said that direct mail provided an acceptable CAC as an offline channel. 

61% of all direct mail recipients find it influential in making purchase decisions. (Home is at the Heart of Commerce Marketing)

The average direct mail response rate is 5–9x times higher than email response rates. (Data & Marketing Association)

70% of consumers say direct mail is more personal than online interactions. (Fundera)

66% of U.S.-based marketers reported using postcards when asked which direct mail formats they used most often in their campaigns, tied in first with newsletters. (USPS)

Nearly 51% of recipients report that they find direct mail postcards to be useful (Data & Marketing Association)

Take Advantage of Relevant Direct Mail

Hopefully, these statistics help show how beneficial incorporating relevant direct mail is to your marketing mix throughout the entire customer journey.

Additionally, personalized direct mail helps to connect you with your customers in a unique and relevant way — at home. It also helps facilitate a stronger relationship between your brand and your customers.

So, as you think about different ways to improve or revamp your direct mail marketing strategy, consider Programmatic Direct Mail. It’s a seamless way to integrate real-time online intent data with impactful direct mail — and meet your ROI goals. 

To learn more about Programmatic Direct Mail or PebblePost and how it can complement your marketing efforts, please reach out to us at hello@pebblepost.com.

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