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Grilling Up Success: PDM Creative Tips for Labor Day 

Labor Day is more than the unofficial end of summer. It’s a prime marketing opportunity with competition as fiery as a late-summer barbecue. As families gather around the grill, marketers must serve up their best strategies for the long weekend to maximize exposure, engagement, and conversions.

According to Numerator’s 2022 Labor Day Weekend Consumer Survey, 86% of consumers considered taking advantage of the Labor Day weekend deals, making it a crowded battleground for customer attention. More often than not, Labor Day Sales revolve around big-ticket items such as furniture and automobiles. With a surge of promotions cluttering inboxes and ad feeds, marketers need tools and tactics to rise above the noise.

Here, we’ll explore top tips and examples for leveraging Programmatic Direct Mail (PDM) to cut through the clutter and connect meaningfully with consumers as they prepare to gather and grill.

The Challenges of Reaching Customers at This Time

Labor Day weekend presents a paradox for marketers. While consumers prepare to spend, they’re also being inundated with promotional content. As a result, getting your message noticed amidst the sea of advertisements can feel like an uphill battle.

The Labor Day crowd is diverse, from Gen Z planning parties to Boomers gathering with family. Balancing a message that appeals to younger and older consumers with different buying habits and preferences is critical for Labor Day success.

This diversity presents marketers with a unique chance to craft messages that resonate across generations. By tapping into multi-aged consumers’ varied interests and needs on a single occasion, brands can drive engagement and sales in multiple segments.

3 Tips to Make Your Labor Day Marketing Sizzle

To capitalize on Labor Day, a well-devised strategy is essential. Here are four tips for navigating the crowded market and making your Labor Day marketing campaign stand out.

1. Crafting Labor Day Connections: Let Intent Simmer Before Serving

Craft targeted and personalized messages using PDM. A wide range of items make it into consumers’ Labor Day shopping carts. Use this intel to tailor your postcard advertising to your target audience’s varied shopping lists, increasing your message’s relevance and impact.

Creative for marketing postcard of mattresses on bed frames promoting labor day sales

Leesa, for example, capitalizes on the nature of a mattress being a significant, one-time investment. While consumers might have shown interest in specific models over time without making a purchase, leveraging PDM allows brands like Leesa to discern consumer interest in a big-ticket purchase over time. A tailored and well-timed Labor Day nudge, taking into account previous digital intent behaviors, can be the final push that convinces them to buy.

2. Beat the Final Summer Heat with Proactive Planning and Consistency

Don’t wait until the last minute. Start your Labor Day campaign early and maintain a consistent, engaging message that reaches consumers directly in their homes through PDM. Early engagement creates anticipation and keeps your brand top-of-mind, while continuity nurtures trust and encourages conversions.

images of mattress options

In this postcard from Casper, you can tell they’ve started early on by the tagline, “There’s still time to make this summer a snoozefest.” By thinking months in advance and getting the message out consistently, people will be much further along the consideration path when Labor Day actually lands. They also do a great job of providing options with clear pricing and payment options for today’s consumers who are evaluating their purchasing decisions closely.

3. Like a Snow Cone, Make Your Creative Sticky and Sweet

With Labor Day being a major purchase holiday, design your offers to be irresistibly valuable without causing sticker shock. Consider bundling offers for your consumers to make buying more worth more of their while or activating postcard retargeting to support their decision-making.

Modern living room with white couch and modern accents with labor day sale for programmatic direct mail

American Signature Furniture is a great illustration of this tip, as they present a variety of price points and financing options designed to accommodate a discount across a range of budgeting. Additionally, they sell through the luxury appeal with clean, monochromatic, modern, and sleek furniture creative to give that air of class but with affordability.

Transform Labor Day into a Marketing Win

With the dog days of Summer over, Labor Day weekend is ripe with opportunity, and marketers need more than just discount offers. Employing PDM as part of your Labor Day strategy can make the difference between getting lost in the noise and ringing the cash register.

With PDM, your recipe for marketing success will come out like a cheeseburger with perfect grill marks. Plan ahead, craft tailored messages based on digital intent, and offer compelling deals for big-ticket items. An integrated digital and PDM strategy will help you end the summer strong on one of the true multi-generational holidays.

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