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3 Tips for Putting the Fun in Your Postcard Summer Creatives

Summertime and the livin’ is easy. And that’s the feeling your brand should convey to customers and potential ones you’re trying to reach through summer creatives.

Sun, sand, swimming, and unstructured schedules abound this time of year, and while consumers might be less busy and harried than they are from September through May, your brand still needs to stick out to grab their attention.

With adults and kids alike home more often right now, a captivating Programmatic Direct Mail postcard with an offer based on the type of items your target consumer has been browsing online can be your ticket to summertime sales. Here are three examples of how other brands shine with sunny designs.

Share the “short”ness of the season

Summer is fleeting (unless you’re a parent with your kids at home on school break, in which case it feels eternal). The minute the days get longer, they start to get shorter. You want to evoke this feeling in your audience, encouraging them to seize the moment and engage with your brand.

This postcard from Levi’s advertises shorts, but it also advertises the shortness of summer. A group is at the beach at sunset, casual and relaxed—just like Levi’s wants their shorts to feel on the wearer with its message “Styles for loving where you are, wherever you are.” But that summer feeling won’t last, and shorts can’t be worn much past September, so the imagery alone creates an incentive to purchase a pair (or two or three) right now. The 20% off plus free shipping helps seal the deal for shoppers.

people in summer retail apparel

Showcase your red-hot, white, and blue sales

We all know the Fourth of July is a time for barbecues, fireworks, parades, and shopping deals.

Value City Furniture stacks its steals like stripes on the flag in this postcard. Its four discount offers complement the holiday date. They also offer 0% interest down and 50 months of financing, so you can get swept up in the summer shopping frenzy without breaking the bank. All of these features make this direct mail piece a star.  

furniture summer sale details

Appeal to their vanity 

Bare feet, exposed shoulders, shorts, bathing suits—summer is when most let it all hang out. 

Everyone is different, but for many people, having more skin on display typically means a desire to look tanned and smooth. European Wax Center capitalizes on this want with creative that alludes to the woman having skin as soft as the sand she’s letting slip through her fingers.  Their offer appeals to first-time guests and is pretty generous: free touch-ups, brow fill-ins, product samples, and more. It’s like a gift that keeps giving—well past the end of summer.

summer creative lady on the beach in sand in a bathing suit

Make a splash with PDM

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to capture new and returning customers’ attention—and dollars—this summer. Programmatic Direct Mail helps you pinpoint the shoppers intending to buy right now so you can snag their spend quicker than you can say “Labor Day.”

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