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How ModCloth Used PDM® Lookalikes to Find New Prospects and Saw a 1.4x ROAS

ModCloth is an American online retailer of indie and vintage-inspired women’s clothing for the fashion-forward female looking to celebrate her unique sense of style with hand-drawn prints and clothes tailored to fit a variety of shapes and sizes. The DTC brand first teamed with PebblePost in 2016. After having experienced positive results from previous retargeting Programmatic Direct Mail® campaigns, ModCloth was eager to do more. They tested Lookalikes, PebblePost’s latest PDM-powered product, to find new prospects that would most likely convert to customers. 


Like many DTC brands, ModCloth focuses on customer acquisition to grow their brand, drive awareness, and increase sales. To help the brand achieve its acquisition goal, ModCloth leveraged PebblePost’s PDM platform. It helped them identify and mail pure prospects that looked and acted like their best customers.

As a full-stack solution, the PDM Platform uses advanced algorithm optimization to determine which contacts are most likely to convert. Users can then use the PebblePost Graph to transform online intent into physical addresses. So, ModCloth could print and mail postcards to their most valuable prospects.

“What really stood out to me with this initiative was how much more digitally savvy PebblePost was in identifying lookalikes for targeting. When I have worked with other (partners) for past campaigns, it has been cumbersome. The benefit of working with PebblePost and a key differentiator was that it was more quick and nimble.”

Sarah McMahon, Director of Digital Marketing, Performance & Demand

By working with PebblePost, ModCloth was able to find new prospects and reach this audience at home with a quality piece of printed mail within a few days. The creative used popular clothing as well as a promotion to incentivize a first purchase. 


At the end of the campaign, ModCloth was thrilled. They saw a 1.4X return on ad spend (ROAS), which beat their campaign goal. PebblePost’s ability to confidently measure incrementality throughout the campaign provided the team with the confidence to continue to invest in future campaigns. 

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