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In Bloom: Bring on Spring with These Fresh Postcard Creatives

Spring has officially sprung! The time of longer, warmer days, blooming flowers, bright colors, and the taste of summer. And if you’re a brand advertiser this season, you’ll want to consider incorporating as many of these elements as possible into your creative. 

Programmatic Direct Mail can help you tap into consumers’ spring fever by understanding who has digitally engaged with your brand and follow up with a physical postcard that awakens their senses. We’ve compiled some of our favorite past spring-themed postcards below to inspire your seasonal campaigns.

Color me intrigued 

Winter’s cold gray and white hues are out, and spring’s warm, bright shades are in. The image below is of a woman holding a bunch of bold-colored flats on the front of Rothy’s postcard, which reminds us of a bouquet just picked from the garden—so many she can barely hold. The brand ensures the next element draws the reader’s eye to the prominently displayed 25% off deal with the coupon code below. This brings us to the other thing we love about this postcard: all the information the customer needs is on the front.

colorful shoes spring

Make a scene

We all know how we feel when we get that first mild spring day after a long, cold winter. It energizes us and makes us feel alive. And that’s what BBQGuys does in this cheerful and relaxing postcard background of a group grilling on a beautiful day overlooking the bay. When paired with the offer to help design a backyard grill space for free, It’s aspirational and entices readers to ready their backyard for the nicer weather ASAP. 

spring bbq creative family around table
outdoor patio table spring

Convey comfort with a cause

Whether you call it spring cleaning or a spring reset, another thing the turn of the seasons tends to inspire is switching up our living spaces. This Leesa postcard does a nice play on words with its mattress “spring” sale, inviting customers to refresh their bedrooms. They place the offer right upfront, so you can’t miss it, with a QR code to quickly activate the deal. But they make it clear that they know their product is a “nice to have” for most by sharing that a portion of purchases goes towards donating thousands of mattresses each year to shelters and those in need. 


Keep it simple

Bare feet, light clothing, open windows—spring brings about a feeling of unencumbered comfort. And that’s the vibe Citizenry achieves in this postcard. It’s hard to tell if the imagery is of a residential bedroom or a nice European hotel room. And that’s why it works. It’s soothingly simple, with the detail that they produce their fine linens in Portugal, inspiring a feeling of exotic luxury. Who wouldn’t want their bedroom to feel like a vacation?

Create a sense of FOMO

Spring’s busy, buzzy nature sends us to barbecues, parties, and other outdoor gatherings. It’s a time to come out of hibernation and reconnect with people—and who doesn’t want to show up looking their best? With a headline like “Discover spring’s most coveted styles,” it’s hard not to feel like you might miss out on the season’s “it” fashions in this Rebag postcard. With imagery for two different product types—bags and jewelry—and three different offers, the postcard packs so many picks into a petite space that it’s hard not to say “yes” to one of them. 

handbags in spring colors
women with jewelry

In Conclusion

Plant the seed of your brand in consumers’ minds with these creative ideas and the power of Programmatic Direct Mail, which are bound to put a spring in their step as they saunter away from their mailboxes. Reach out today to learn more or learn more about best practices for creatives from our blog post; The Anatomy of a Great Programmatic Direct Mail Postcard: 4 Tips for Standing Out.

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