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PDM Platform Enhancements to Take the Heat Off Your Summer Workload

Marketers need more time, budget, and resources these days. 

When you’re tasked with making every marketing dollar count in an uncertain economy filled with budget and labor cuts, the last thing you want is for you and your team to get bogged down in the weeds of campaign management. And yet, just 7% of marketing leaders globally feel fully equipped for success​, according to a June survey by marketing insights firm GfK (Growth from Knowledge). A study by HubSpot found that the average marketer spends around 16 hours a week on routine tasks—about a third of their time

But what if marketers could spend the rest of their summer gaining the time, efficiency, and insights needed to drive full-funnel growth and be happier and more productive at work?

PebblePost’s new platform enhancements do just that. We know that our marketers feel more squeezed by market dynamics than ever. With our upgraded platform tools, you can shift your focus to squeezing some additional fun—perhaps even some lemonade—out of the rest of summer. 

Four key enhancements that help you stay cool for the summer

Marketers must have the right tools and platforms to reduce the time and effort needed for mundane marketing processes. And that’s where PebblePost has focused its enhancements to our platform.

  1. Streamline the creative process 

Did you know marketers spend 20 minutes reviewing each piece of work on average, adding up to eight hours monthly? 

Our integrated creative proofing workflows embedded directly within our platform help marketers recoup this time. The intuitive interfaces and real-time feedback capabilities assist creative teams in seamlessly iterating and optimizing their Programmatic Direct Mail designs. The results are more high-quality, visually appealing campaigns that move the needle on business goals.

  1. Create custom reports with ease 

A PHD survey of more than 1,700 global senior brand marketers uncovered that the amount of time spent on reporting tasks has increased by more than half in 10 years. Of the marketers surveyed, 88% spend most of their time on reporting duties, including tracking performance. And while we agree marketers must prove ROI, we don’t think it should eat up so much of their time. 

PebblePost’s custom report builder empowers brands to create tailored reports aligned with their unique goals and KPIs. The platform provides various options and data filters, enabling marketers to extract actionable insights and present campaign success to stakeholders with precision and clarity.

  1. Get quicker access to performance insights

The PHD survey also found that creating audience insights takes up a lot of marketers’ day-to-day tasks. Our new and improved performance dashboard gives marketers access to data-a-glance insights and out-of-the-box conversion rate lift. Our comprehensive transaction match methodology connects online and offline transactions to a single household with 1:1 accuracy. This unique, proprietary measurement capability can help marketers map Programmatic Direct Mail program performance back to business goals.

  1. Integrate with partners more rapidly

Just 28% of tools a business uses are integrated with other tools, and 47% of marketers say sales and marketing tools would be much more helpful if they could easily incorporate them into their broader tech stack.

That’s why PebblePost expanded its partner network. With more technologies that marketers can easily and quickly integrate into their ever-evolving tech stack, they can securely onboard commerce data and view PDM performance data in addition to other channels in whatever measurement platform they prefer.

It’s the Summer of Programmatic Direct Mail! The enhanced PebblePost Platform is now available to all brands and is here to keep you cool and give you time to focus on beach days, BBQs, and eating your ice cream fast enough to leave without sticky fingers.

To learn more and experience the full potential of Programmatic Direct Mail, visit and have a video of our video.

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