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PebblePost Announces Major Enhancements to Industry-Leading Programmatic Direct Mail Platform

Originally published on PRNewswire.

PebblePost, the leading marketing technology platform for the Programmatic Direct Mail channel, is excited to announce a number of significant enhancements to its industry-leading platform that will streamline and expand the ways in which brands identify and market to addressable audiences at home. 

The deprecation of third-party cookies and dynamic shifts in consumer behavior have made it increasingly difficult for leading brands to continuously drive and measure incremental reach and performance. As a result, brands have come to rely on channels like Programmatic Direct Mail to drive performance throughout the customer lifecycle. 

These enhancements build on the company’s existing end-to-end solution, combining the speed, flexibility, and relevance of digital with the high-impact creative and measurable performance of direct mail. Now, marketers can take full advantage of integrated workflow automation, at-a-glance performance reporting, and seamless integrations that allow them to focus on the insights and strategies that drive profitable growth instead of logistics like campaign management. 

“For many brands, Programmatic Direct Mail is their highest performing channel, and yet they’ve barely scratched the surface of what is possible,” said Rahul Lahiri, Chief Product Officer at PebblePost. “With this expanded platform, marketers gain the time and insights they need to unlock acquisition, retargeting, and retention solutions that drive full-funnel growth, making PDM an even more integrated part of their always-on marketing mix.”

Key enhancements of the PebblePost Platform now include:

  1. Integrated Creative Proofing Workflows: Marketers can further streamline creative processes with fully-integrated proofing tools available directly within the platform. With intuitive interfaces and real-time feedback capabilities, creative teams can seamlessly iterate and optimize their Programmatic Direct Mail designs, ensuring high-quality, impactful programs.
  1. Performance Dashboard: Marketers now have access to at-a-glance insights and out-of-the-box conversion-rate lift in a completely automated interface that’s powered by PebblePost’s comprehensive transaction match methodology, a unique measurement capability that connects both online and offline transactions back to a single household with 1:1 accuracy.
  1. Custom Report Builder: PebblePost’s custom report builder empowers brands to create tailored reports aligned with their unique goals and KPIs. The platform provides a wide range of options and data filters, enabling marketers to extract actionable insights and present campaign success to stakeholders with precision and clarity.
  1. Expanded Partner Network: The expanded partner network enables rapid integrations required to connect with a marketer’s ever-evolving tech stack so that they can securely onboard commerce data and view PDM performance data alongside other channels in their preferred measurement platform.

The enhanced PebblePost Platform is now available to all brands. To learn more and experience the full potential of Programmatic Direct Mail, visit

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