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PebblePost HQ Week Recap: Peep Some of Our PebblePeeps!

As a company prioritizing reaching intent-ready consumers via their household address, we have a special place in our hearts for “home.”

That’s why we are a remote-first company that fosters a culture of virtual collaboration and problem-solving, allowing our team to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t love meeting in person when possible. 

We were fortunate to gather IRL last month at our annual Headquarters (HQ) Week in Dallas. We “PebblePeeps” came together to connect, catch up, share ideas, build trust, and learn about exciting business updates to support our current and future brand partners. And it was fitting that given how “over the moon” we were to get together, we even caught a glimpse of the total solar eclipse! 

Who we are is integral to what we do. So, we thought we’d share more about some of our PebblePeeps from across teams and locations. Let’s get acquainted. 

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Brittany Bell, Campaign Operations: “To heal everyone…if someone has an injury or a family member is sick, I would want to heal them so they can live longer.”

Alex David, Analytics & Insights: “Telekinesis, because with telekinesis, you could have every power. You can make yourself fly; you have super-strength technically.”

Jess Clayton, Marketing: “To understand and speak every language because you could connect with so many people across the world that you just simply can’t because of the language barrier.”

How would you describe the PebblePost team?

Karuna Johnson, Enterprise Solutions: “There’s something within PebblePost’s DNA that everyone is looking for what they can do for one another in addition to what they need to achieve on their own.” 

Vlad Kozlovskyi, Engineering: “I really enjoy working with very smart, intelligent people.”

Jillian Segall, Brand Partnerships: “My favorite thing about working for PebblePost is definitely the balance that I’m able to have on both the personal and professional level. I’ve never had that in any other job. And I think that it’s incredibly motivating.”

Want to learn more about some of these PebblePeeps? Check out the full video here for more. 

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