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Happy National Data Privacy Day!

We want to wish all of our partners a happy national data privacy day! As the leader in Programmatic Direct Mail®, relevance is at the core of everything we do. PebblePost’s success depends on enabling brands to only send marketing mail to consumers who are interested in the subject matter. By design, the postcards powered by our platform land in the hands of those who want to hear from the brands they already love or we think they may love. 

But relevance is more than just whether or not you might be interested in a particular product or service. It’s having agency over the ways in which you engage with these brands. Relationships, after all, are built on mutual trust, no matter if it’s with your partner, your family doctor, or your favorite sock brand. 

When you as a consumer express your data privacy preferences – by either opting out of receiving mail from the brands with which you shop, directly from PebblePost’s website, or through organizations such as the NAI – you’re working with PebblePost to ensure that you only receive mail from us if you want it.

With a host of new state-specific regulations emerging in 2022, PebblePost is poised to accommodate all of these emerging laws. On this National Data Privacy Day, we’re reiterating our commitment to continuing to prioritize consumer privacy as a core part of our company’s mission.

Learn more about our privacy policy and how you may control your preferences here

Lori Mason, PebblePost Chief Privacy Officer

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